5 pack shroom stack.

top category of 2021 - performance mushrooms

performance / medicinal mushrooms made a big boom into mainstream holistic health this year, and for good reason. performance mushrooms have a uniquely wide variety of applications from supporting mood, energy and immune system to balancing stress response and gut biome. chances are, if you're on this website, you know someone who lives the holistic / natural life and they're probably familiar with the benefits of these 'shrooms. we only use 100% organic fruiting body extracts, which is the real deal. here are the most popular mushroom products of 2021. you can't go wrong with any of these. click on the product picture for more info.

Customer Reviews

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Alyssa (Connecticut)
My skin is glowing

Everyday I wake up so excited to add my mushroom supplements to my smoothies. My energy levels are up, I don’t crave as much sweets as I usually do, and I feel great. The added skin glow is a bonus!

Cheyenne Mason (Tokyo)
Awesome Product

The 5 pack shroom stack is amazing. I mix it into my morning coffee and it is a great start to the day, i helps keep the brain fog away and the headaches! My shrooms were packaged well and arrived quickly.

john savino (Illinois)
mushroom review

Great company and customer service is outstanding.Products have been very beneficial for there intended use.

Jess (Manitoba)

Haven’t taken it long enough to notice a huge difference but the taste isn’t too bitter at all and it arrived in great time

Bryon Fitts (New York)

5 pack shroom stack.