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"maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots" - rumi

the more specific you get with symptomatic interventions in a single system, the more likely you are to be wrong, moving from one "remedy" to the next. this can be a wild goose chase. symptomatic interventions often weaken the foundations by which the mind-body heals itself, making the problem worse.

with a strong focus on stress, adaptation and inflammation, we bridge current understandings of physiology with traditional holistic remedies that have endured the test of time.

no chasing novelty trends, no cutting corners, not virtue signaling, no synthetics, no bs. all products are handcrafted from organic and sustainable plant extracts using minimally refined (low stress) methods. 

invest confidently.

unconditional returns.

our goal is serving our client's journey to improved health, wellness and performance. if our product doesn't meet your expectations of quality or therapeutic value, just return it. while we will accept returns for any reason, we ask that you try and judge these products for their functional / therapeutic effects. most people will notice measurable progress within the first two weeks. some products work faster than others, but our concept is built around strengthening baseline health over symptomatic intervention. give these products a good two weeks of consistency before judging. if you stop after the first week because you dont feel better yet, you're leaving a lot of potential on the table.

real formulas. real results.

true holistic formulation.

optimizing health is a matter of balancing the mind-body so it can work to heal itself. formulating for the "whole" requires a true understanding of how mind-body systems are intimately connected. formulas should address imbalance in multiple systems to make sustainable progress. 

the more specific and targeted you get with symptomatic interventions in a single system, the more likely you are to be wrong, moving from one "remedy" to the next. this can be a wild goose chase. symptomatic interventions often weaken the foundations of health, making the problem worse. imagine squeezing a balloon, reducing pressure in one area, while pushing more pressure to another. 

seed to bottle.

far beyond industry standards

unmatched process . potency & purity.

fundamentals of skin health.

keep it simple. in most cases, the more complicated your skin care routine is, the more likely you are to cause fundamental damage that compounds over time. if you strengthen the fundamtnal mechanisms by which the skin protects and repairs itself, your skin helath improves. if you degrade these fundamentals, your skin health degrades faster than it should. seems streight forward, yet so few products on the "market" serve these fundamentals. if you want to see dramatic improvements in your skin health, get rid of the lotions and water based creams. use organic 100% oil formulas instead.

protecting the microbes that protect your skin.

microbial flora

healthy skin is home to billions of commensal and symbiotic bacteria. when these microbes form strong cultures, they fight pathogens for resources. building and maintaining a strong microbial flora plays a very important role in a healthy immune system and resilient skin.* abandon the misinformation that all bacteria is bad. 

our skin care products never contain preservatives, alcohols, or broad spectrum bactericides. even when organic, these ingredients can wreak havoc on your skin’s symbiotic flora. damaged microbial flora can result in over deployment of the body’s immune system. habitual weakening of these primary defenses can result in chronic inflammation and weakened skin.*


stronger barrier protection & moisture retention.

lipid barrier.

hydrated skin comes from the water you drink and a strong lipid barrier that seals it in. when this barrier is disrupted, hydration (water) can easily evaporate from the skin, causing dryness. since the lipid barrier is an integral part of the skin's immune system and moisture retention, maintaining its' integrity is very important to maintaining optimal skin health.* abandon the crazy idea that all oils are bad for your skin and cause breakouts. your skin is intelligently designed with a lipid (oil) barrier for a reason. you just need the right oils that are nutrient rich and biologically complimentary.

our serums and salves are zero water formulas, crafted with 100% extra virgin, organic and nutrient rich oils to supplement the lipid barrier for far superior moisture retention and nutrition.

stress, inflammation & resource allocation.

conceptualizing holistic health.

our simplified explanation of holistic health - improving your mind-body's resource management to allocate more energy towards repairitive and growth processes and less towards damaging processes like chronic stress and inflammation.

your mind-body is continuously managing resources and energy to power autonomic processes like digestion, detoxification, immune system, inflammation, heart rate and blood pressure (to name a few) and cognitive processes like attention, language, learning, memory, perception and thought. the chronic activation of stress and inflammation are spreading your mental and physical resources thin. if you've managed multiple important and intensive tasks at once, you know how unsustainable your focus and energy is in that state. this is how we should view our internal systems. if sympathetic processes are chronically elevated, there will be less energy and attention on growth and repair. chronic stress and inflammation erode the fundamentals of health.

by design, stress changes the mind-body from a proactive to a reactive state. proactive (parasympathetic) processes like digestion, detoxification, cellular and tissue repair, learning, neurogenesis, etc. are given less resources in order to prioritize reactive (sympathetic) state. this is fight or flight and it's only designed to run for a short period of time in response to a perceived threat. when stress is chronic, your mind-body doesn't retun to a proactive state of resource allocation. more energy is used to fuel fight or flight than immune system, building new brain cells, repairing tissues, absorbing and processing nutrition, learning, etc.

inflammation has a similar story. as an immune response, inflammation is beneficial in the short term and destructive when allowed to go chronic. social, environmental and lifestyle factors can perpetuate chronic inflammation that can lead to several diseases that collectively represent the leading causes of disability and mortality worldwide. this includes cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, fatty liver disease, autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders. long term inflammation can lead to damage in all tissues and organs and can also impair normal immune function, leading to increased susceptibility to infections and tumors. similar to stress, inflammation is energy intensive and diverts resources from parasympathetic processes. this energy draw causes fatigue, problems with focus, pain and other symptoms of depression.

chronic stress leads to inflammation and chronic inflammation causes stress. if something isn’t done to bring these levels down, stress and inflammation will continue to fuel each other, pushing the mind-body deeper into a state of dysfunction. chronic stress and inflammation is like driving 50 miles / hour in first gear. this is unnecessarily energy intensive and the wear on your mind-body is aggressive. this is not a sustainable way to live, resulting in a wide (and growing) list of chronic disease and performance problems.

in our current way of living, we see chronic stress and inflammation as the largest and most destructive obstiacls to improved health and performance (mental and physical). loweing stress and inflammation should be a top priority of all holistic health protocols to lay a strong foundation to build from. the more balance and resilience built in these two systems, the better you manage resources to optimize health wellness and performance.

by now, most people understand that we can't keep taking from our planet so recklessly. resources are finite and our tolerance for toxicity is under serious pressure. companies have to take responsibility for their impact and consumers need to take responsibility for their purchases. if we wait for things to get worse, we're unlikely to recover without extreme measures that will fundamentally change the course of humanity. let's close this chapter on reckless abundance and carelessness that's damaging our health and planet.

being a responsible brand means more than having strict dedications to transparency and functional product development. we work tirelessly to reduce our environmental impact by using 100% recycled & eco-friendly packaging, 100% recycled office supplies, minimizing energy usage, sourcing organic and sustainable ingredients, composting all unused plant material and supporting local and national sustainability programs. 

25,000 trees by 2025.

even with strict eco-friendly standards, we still generate a footprint. to help counter our impact on the environment, we are partnering with the National Forest Foundation to help fund tree planting programs in our national forests. our goal is to fund the planting of 25,000 trees by 2025. our donations are based on total revenues generated, so every purchase counts. learn more about the National Forest Foundation Tree Planting Program. 

Learn more about the National Forest Foundation

high expectations of sustainability.

2025 off grid & net zero operations.

we're not there yet, but we're making a lot of progress towards off grid production goals. by 2025, we hope to be completely ran on solar energy and rain water collection with grey water recycling into our community garden concept. sounds a little hippie? whatever, it's what needs to be done.

shop like you give a s***. vote with your dollar ballots.

know your stuff. be the change.

the consumer holds incredible power to create change by voting with their dollar bills. when people stop buying products that make empty claims and stop supporting environmentally damaging operations, companies will be forced to make a change or go out of business. that's amazing power. to begin participating in change, take time to research companies and products you like. read ingredients instead of unregulated claims. question the authenticity of trendy virtue signaling tactics. free yourself from the pull of manipulative marketing. products will tell you what you want to hear and never deliver. keep things simple and functional. support responsible, clean label, transparent companies dedicated to the improvement of health and sustainability.

authenticity. don't talk about it. be about it.

keep it real.

there's way to many products on the market that employ manipulative marketing, deceptive labeling and poor quality ingredients. these products are not real and they don't deliver on the powerful potential of plant therapy. we are completely and relentlessly dedicated to keeping holistic products authentic, highly therapeutic and in true service of the client.

health, wellness & performance.

take control of your journey.

start working towards better energy, less pain, better immune system, less anxiety, better mobility and improved overall wellbeing. the better you feel, the more you can give to yourself, others and planet. better health is directly and strongly related to better wellbeing, performance, productivity and happiness.