authentic plant therapy.
functional. organic. highly effective.

"maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots" - rumi.

strengthening the foundations of whole mind & body

the mind-body is amazingly resilient when conditions are right. we harness the incredible power of plants to strengthen the foundations by which the mind-body heals itself. we combine current understandings of human physiology with traditional holistic remedies that have endured the test of time. no chasing novelty trends, no cutting corners, no synthetics, no bs. all products are handcrafted from organic and sustainable plant extracts using minimally refined (low stress) methods. 

formulating holistically. illustrating the mind gut connection.

true holistic formulation.

optimizing health and wellness is a matter of balancing the mind-body so it can work to heal itself. more often than not, real progress can be quickly and sustainably accomplished by simply reducing stress and inflammation through holistic plant remedies, improved nutrition and functional movement. formulating for the "whole" requires a true understanding of how mind-body systems are intimately connected. formulas should address imbalance in multiple systems to make sustainable progress. 

the more specific and targeted you get with symptomatic interventions in a single system, the more likely you are to be wrong, moving from one "remedy" to the next. this can be a wild good chase. symptomatic interventions often weaken the foundations of health, making the problem worse in the log run. imagine squeezing a balloon, reducing pressure in one area, while pushing more pressure to another. 

truly authentic & handcrafted plant apothecary

healthy microbiome.

similar to your gut, healthy skin is home to billions of commensal and symbiotic bacteria. When these microbes form strong cultures, they fight exogenous pathogens. building and maintaining a strong microbial flora plays a very important role in a healthy immune system and resilient skin.* abandon the misinformation that all bacteria is bad. 

our skin care products never contain preservatives, alcohols, or broad spectrum bactericides. even when organic, these ingredients wreak havoc on your skin’s symbiotic microbial flora. damaged microbial flora can result in over deployment of the body’s immune system causing inflammation and lowered skin integrity. habitual weakening of these primary defenses can result in chronic inflammation and weakened skin.*

strong lipid barrier

hydrated skin comes from the water you drink and a strong lipid barrier that seals it in. when this barrier is disrupted, hydration (water) can easily evaporate from the skin, causing dryness. since the lipid barrier is an integral part of the skin's immune system and moisture retention, maintaining its' integrity is very important to maintaining optimal skin health.* abandon the crazy idea that all oils are bad for your skin and cause breakouts. your skin is intelligently designed with a lipid (oil) barrier for a reason. you just need the right oils. 

our serums and salves are zero water formulas, crafted with 100% extra virgin, organic and nutrient rich oils to repair, strengthen and nourish the lipid barrier for far superior moisture retention and skin integrity.

vote with your dollar ballots.

be powerful. shop intentionally. the consumer holds incredible power to create change by voting with their dollar bills. When people stop buying products making empty claims and stop supporting environmentally damaging operations, companies  will be forced to make a change or go out of business. That's amazing power! to begin participating in change,  take a little time to research companies and products you like. Read ingredients instead of unregulated claims. Support responsible, clean label, transparent companies dedicated to the improvement of health and sustainability.

recycled & eco-friendly packaging

being a truly responsible brand means more than having strict dedications to transparency and functional product development. we work tirelessly to reduce our environmental impact by using 100% recycled & eco-friendly packaging, 100% recycled office supplies, minimizing energy usage, sourcing organic and sustainable ingredients, supporting local and national sustainability programs. 

25,000 trees by 2025

even with strict eco-friendly standards, we still generate a footprint. this is inevitable.  to help counter our impact on the environment, we are partnering with the National Forest Foundation to help fund tree planting programs in our national forests. our goal is to fund the planting of 25,000 trees by 2025. our donations are based on total revenues generated, so every purchase counts. learn more about the National Forest Foundation Tree Planting Program.