authentic plant therapy

handcrafted from scratch. always functional.

simple. functional. organic.

"maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots" - rumi

the mind-body is amazingly resilient when conditions are right. we harness the incredible power of plants to strengthen the foundations by which the mind-body heals itself. we combine current understandings of human physiology with traditional holistic remedies that have endured the test of time. no chasing novelty trends, no cutting corners, no synthetics, no bs. all products are handcrafted from organic and sustainable plant extracts using minimally refined (low stress) methods. 

real formulas. real results.

true holistic formulation.

optimizing health and wellness is a matter of balancing the mind-body so it can work to heal itself. more often than not, real progress can be quickly and sustainably accomplished by simply reducing stress and inflammation through holistic plant remedies, improved nutrition and functional movement. formulating for the "whole" requires a true understanding of how mind-body systems are intimately connected. formulas should address imbalance in multiple systems to make sustainable progress. 

the more specific and targeted you get with symptomatic interventions in a single system, the more likely you are to be wrong, moving from one "remedy" to the next. this can be a wild good chase. symptomatic interventions often weaken the foundations of health, making the problem worse in the log run. imagine squeezing a balloon, reducing pressure in one area, while pushing more pressure to another. 

seed to bottle.

far beyond industry standards

unmatched process . potency & purity.