adaptive greens. performance superfood.

real stacked adaptogens & performance mushrooms

adaptogens are becoming more popular as the importance of nervous system health and stress resilience is increasingly recognized across all areas of health, wellness and performance. our products deliver serving sizes of adaptogens that are well into therpeutic range. as adaptogen populatiry continues to grow, more products will start to put adaptogens on their label for marketing buzz without delivering powerful serving sizes of quality extracts or even using real adaptogens at all. Roots Apothecary is built around a function first mentality and ingredient decks that go far beyond the industry trend. the adaptive greens delivers 3000mg of real adaptogens / serving (performance adaptogens + brain health ingredient categores below).

the good stuff:

super greens blend. 3500mg

*wheatgrass juice.
*alfalfa juice.
*matcha green tea.
*chlorella (cracked cell).

performance adaptogens. 1800mg

(real adaptogens).
*panax ginseng extract. 600mg 10:1 extract
*astragalus extract. 20:1 extract
*reishi mushroom. 500mg fruiting body extract
*moringa leaf.

cellular hydration. 1200mg

*lemon juice.
*coconut water.
*beet root juice.

prebiotic fiber. 1000mg

*acacia fiber.
*agave inulin.

brain health. 1200mg

(also real adaptogens).
*bacopa monnieri. 600mg
*lion's mane mushroom. 600mg fruiting body extract

liver performance. 650mg

*dandelion root. 20:1 extract
*milk thistle extract. 80% active silymarin
*black pepper extract. 10% peprine.

probiotic 8x blend. | 4.5 billion CFU

L. rhamnosus.
L. casei.
L. acidophilus.
L. plantarum.
B. bifidum.
L. bulgaricus.
B. breve.
B. coagulans.

other stuff.

*organic mint flavor.
*organic orange flavor.
*organic debittered stevia extract.

preparing awesomeness.

the adaptive greens is best when used daily to build stress resilience, adaptive capacity, mental & physical endurance, immune strength and microbial balance in the gut. be consistent.
mix one scoop in 10-16oz of water. stir it up with a little stick blender, a shaker bottle, or a spoon. you can also toss it into a smoothie, or whatever. the minty, citrus and green flavor pairs nicely with fruit, berry and vanilla flavors. don't use with hot water, this will damage the fragile nutrients and probiotics.
store in the fridge after opening to preserve freshness and active nutrients. best if used within 6 months of made on date (on bag).

100% fruiting body mushroom extracts.

we understand the most reliable therapeutic potency comes from 100% fruiting body extracts. this is where you get the highest concentrations of beta-glucans that modulate immune and inflammatory response and active compunds like the published and famed erinacines and hericenones that give lion's mane its neuroprotective, neurotropic and neuroplastic properties.

if you want the highest and most consistent therapeutic potential, fruiting body is the way to go.

 >30% beta-d-glucan <5% starch |  zero grain. zero filler. zero preservatives.

tasty recipes for adaptogen greens

super greens blend.

a good greens blend can bridge nutritional gaps that support the finer details of health. this blend of greens is valued for its density of flavonoids and other polyphenols that deliver powerful antioxidant properties and protect all tissues from environmental and metabolic oxidation. adaptive greens has a higher "juiced greens" content than majority of greens products on the market, delivering a higher concentraton of active compounds that are separated from plant fiber. this means more vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants / serving.

performance adaptogens.

health and performance are largely defined by our ability to navigate life's inevitable obstacles without accumulating damage from ongoing stress. our company is built around the concept of increasing stress resilience and restoring parasympathetic balance. this is, without question, one of the most impactful ways to improve overall mind-body health and performance. stress is inevitable, and in some cases, it's beneficial to our development. however, without parasympathetic balance, the consequences of stress become maladaptive as less resources are given to fundamentals of health like digestion, protein synthesis, adaptive immune system, cerebral processing, etc. the longer this goes on, the more health, wellness and performance erode.

adaptogens help prevent a dramatic response to stress to protect our nervous system, cellular integrity, energy and resources. reducing sympathetic intensity and duration means more resources are available to proactive processes and cerebral responses.

states of high tension or fatigue leave little mental or physical space to take on new challenges. even processing each day's information through a productive lens becomes challenging. by reducing the time spent in states of high stress, adaptogens help create more mental and physical bandwidth to take on life's many chanllenges with more intention and resolve.

cellular hydration.

getting water and electrolytes across the cell membrane is key to all cellular functions and plays a critical role in immediate performance and long-term health. hydrated cells can clear metabolic toxins more efficiently, produce ATP, support mitochondrial health and are more resilient to oxidative stress and inflammation.

hydrated cells also maintain better communication with one another, which is critical to any functional system. good communication and intracellular "housekeeping" helps networks identify and replace damaged cells before they're replicated. in a nutshell, aging can be defined as the replication of damaged cells and genetic material. on the contrary, the better your cells repair and replace damages, the slower you age.

neuro plasticity | neuro genesis

bacopa and lion's mane are two brain-boosting powerhouses. our main goal with these ingredients is to support cognitive function and brain health through raising BDNF and NGF levels, which help drive neurogenesis and neuroplasticity.

creating new neurons and improving "flexibility" in existing neural pathways supports the improved ability to create new associations with past, present and future. it also improves working memory, and solidifies new habits. both of these ingredients are known to promote blood flow to the brain and help maintain a "top brain" focus (analytical thinking, creativity, organization and prioritization).

methylation | detoxification

the liver is responsible for far more processes than we give it credit for. concentrated extracts of dandelion, milk thistle and black pepper provide some protection from oxidative stress and may help stimulate liver repair. a healthy liver is better at its many jobs, including protecting the rest of your organs from toxins that enter the blood.


8x strain probiotic blend.

the importance of gut health can't be overstated. it's amazing that some professionals still downplay the influence of gut health on every aspect of health and performance. that being said, research on microbiota is unveiling a new understanding of what makes a human. this new paradigm is showing that the gut microbiome is not only important in digestive health but mental and immune health as well.

you can find probiotic supplements that have higher microbe counts than 4.5 billion CFU, but this is certainly strong enough to have a notable influence on synergistic microbial flora. we believe this is the sweet spot for daily use and sustainable microbiome shifts. also, the diversity of microbes is important. in general, the more diversity of beneficial microbes in a probiotic blend, the more well-rounded and sustainable the benefits are.

it's all important.

if you read the above descriptions, it may sound like everything is very important to your health. well, that's the holistic health concept and it's gaining a lot of respect in the medical community. nothing in the mind-body is independent of any other system. it's all significant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Scott Luecht (Michigan)
Great daily boost!

Perfect way to start the day! Great taste, just enough caffeine, and more good stuff than I even know.

s. (North Carolina)
Blown away

I have researched natural therapeutics for decades and this is the FIRST company I’ve come across that has so much amazing information to educate you on the ingredients in the products. You know exactly what you’re getting and what function it has. Customer service is exceptional and the greens are delicious! I just used a spoon to mix it in cold water and it did fine. I also drank it pretty quickly. I cannot wait to explore more of the products. Thank you!!! Thank you for doing all you do!

Malerie Bartholomew (Utah)

adaptive greens. performance superfood.

Fiera Smith (Texas)
Wonderful Blend

Easily mixable and tastes excellent, and just a couple of steps make this mix a fresh juice. No blender is needed. I love the freshness and the baby scooper inside the bag. All the products I have tasted thus far have been excellent, including the cacao adaptogen mix and the honey. Worth it!

Sheena Rude (Colorado)
Love the Greens!

The adaptive greens gives me what I need in terms of focus, energy and feeling more calm. I’ve even substituted a cup of coffee with it. It doesn’t leave me feeling tired afterwards either. It’s been a great addition to my routine!