muscle rub. arnica & essential oils

$ 25.00
specialty blend of therapeutic essential oils sourced from around the world and extra strength arnica extraction, whipped into beeswax and coconut oil. roots apothecary muscle rub delivers truly superior relief and repair. backed by a 365 day 100% guarantee. 
strains, sprains, cramps, inflammation, joint pain & sore muscles
  • stimulate blood flow to muscles
  • soften "sticky" fascia.
  • restless sensations in feet, legs and hands. 
  • Organic Base (Coconut Oil & Bees Wax)
  • 100% organic essential oil blend
  • Authentic Arnica Infusion
  • zero synthetics. zero emulsifiers. zero preservatives. 

under the muscle rub lid:

*Coconut Oil
*Bees Wax
*sunflower oil
 Arnica Infusion (*Olive Oil, *Arnica Flowers)
*Eucalyptus Oil
*Peppermint Oil
*Lavender Oil
*Menthol Crystals (flash frozen from organic mint essential oil)
Vitamin E

*Certified Organic Ingredient


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beverly Swift
Got stuff

The products that I bought have really helped all those that are using them. We will be back when time come for more.

Tracy Wright
Great muscle rub

Our family has used the muscle rub joint therapy for several years and love it. It's wonderful for sore & overworked muscles and we also use it on bug bites to help calm any itchiness.

Stephanie C Snow
Fine- but not a pleasant scent

I honestly haven't used it on myself, because I don't like the smell, but I did use it on my daughter's growing pains, and she seemed to get some relief from it. So, it's not a bad product, I just wish I would have smelled it prior to purchasing. Maybe then I would have tried a different pain relieving product. The store is right up my alley with the homeopathic/ non-pharmacological type products, and I will be visiting again.

L Lee
Our pain remedy go-to

Highly recommended!! It works better than (and costs less than) CBD oils

Brittney Boffa
Love this stuff

My husband is in the military and he gets really sore muscles. When I brought home the smaller version he used it right up and we decided to get the bigger option and we will never use anything else! Love the ingredients they use and especially love supporting a small amazing business