adaptive cacao. performance superfood.


adaptive cacao. performance superfood. - 25 servings is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

the adaptive cacao is temporarily out of stock! we are dissappointed and will be changing the way we order packaging to avoid future inventory problems. i apologize and hope this doesn't negatively impact your therapeutic routine. estimated ETA is 5/30/22. you can pre-order a single adaptive cacao for shipment as soon as we finish running the next batch. alternatively, sign up for our email list or follow us on instagram for notification when all options are back in stock. please email with any questions.

energy . digestion . clarity . mood . inflammation.

mushroom & adaptogen powerhouse.

daily superfood drink. 25 servings.

balanced and uniquely powerful blend of antioxidant rich cacao, mct, authentic mushroom extracts, adaptogens, prebiotic fiber and trace minerals.

adaptive cacao blends have a wide range of holistic benefits with rich & powerful anti-oxidants, prebiotic fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. authentic chaga is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world with an orac rating of 52,000 and is known for improving immune response and balancing inflammation. ashwagandha & reishi are some of the most fundamentally beneficial remedies on the planet with powerful immune boosting and stress balancing properties that strengthen your body’s ability to heal itself. cordyceps and lions mane energize the mind and body for endurance and resilience to conquer life’s many challenges. roots apothecary adaptive cacao is the ultimate holistic combination for overall mental and physical health.

in the bag.

*peruvian raw cacao. antioxidant & alkalizing
*coconut milk powder (mct). brain & cellular health

*reishi mushroom extract 1:1. ^fruiting body
*chaga mushroom extract 1:1. ^fruiting body
*cordyceps mushroom extract 1:1. ^fruiting body
*lions mane mushroom extract 1:1. ^fruiting body
*ashwagandha root extract. adaptogen

*agave inulin. prebiotic
*acacia fiber. prebiotic
authentic himalayan salt. trace mineral
*debittered stevia extract.

*certified organic ingredient.

good stuff / serving.

1500mg fruiting body mushroom extract / serving.

+ 350mg reishi.
+ 350mg chaga.
+ 300mg cordyceps.
+ 500mg lion's mane.

+ 500mg ashwagandha.
+ 3500mg prebiotic fiber.

+10mg caffeine / serving.

(coffee is typically 120mg caffeine)

+serving size. 8.25g (=1.5 tbsp)
+calories 37g calories from fat. 10
  +fat 2g
  +sodium 30mg
  +carbohydrates 5g
          +sugar 0g
          +fiber 4g
          +protein 1g

^ fruiting body is the stem and cap of the mushroom. fruiting body extracts have the highest beta-glucan content and active compounds. fruiting body extracts do not contain any additional grain content. it's very important to know whether your mushroom products are made with mycelium or fruiting body. mycelium is an amazing and brilliant network, but mycelium powders are upto 80% less potent (beta-glucan and active compounds) than the fruiting body. more information found below.

(3x stronger than four stigmatic. 12x stronger than MUD WTR)

how to make.

+ mix 1.5x tablespoons in 4oz of hot water.

+ top off with 6-8oz milk.

+ enjoy daily.

use daily for best results.

most people will experience improved energy and mood with the first use, but the real benefits of holistic health are realized with a consistent daily routine (1x-2x servings daily). over the course of 4 weeks, balance is simultaneously strengthened in multiple systems, generating holistic momentum. the longer you maintain lowered levels of reactive processes like stress and inflammation, the better your mind-body allocates resources towards reparative, proactive and performance processes. nutrient absorption improves, cortisol levels improve, energy and endurance improve, neurogenesis and neuroplasticity improve, circadian rhythm (sleep & wake cycle) improves, immune system intelligence strengthens and more. while the acute benefits of the adaptive cacao offer some quick benefits, a consistent routine helps improve baseline levels of health and wellness across the board.

featured reviews.

I absolutely love this so far! I’ve made it almost every morning and can really feel a difference in my energy levels and focus, (I work from home so it’s hard to focus sometimes). I will keep this routine up for sure!

Devon L.

."I was so surprised that this really does help improve my mental focus and concentration! I am a skeptic when it come to so many claims companies make about how the latest superfood will help you, but this one lives up to its claims! I make It with hot milk and it tastes like hot cocoa. I have in the afternoon to help me make it through the day."

Lori T.

"I add a tablespoon to my morning coffee and it sets me up for a better day. My energy and focus are increased, without that scattered, jumpy effect more stimulant based interventions give. It helps my mood & I have endured long term “treatment resistant” symptoms. It’s a must have on my shelf!"

Erin K.