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Immune boost

These are probably the most delicious blended teas I have had. On top of that, the company is awesome! I will order from the them again and again


Love it. Helps balance me... Great product love the customer service.


I have planter fasciitis from working in a distribution center through the pandemic. This product popped up in my feed. I didn't have any expectations of it working, but for $30 I figured I'd give it a shot because my foot pain was keeping me from falling asleep. I have been using the spray everyday for the last 2 weeks and rub as needed, and I have nearly no pain, and have had NO issues falling asleep. I highly recommend this set, and look forward ordering again from Roots Apothecary 💕

Loved it!

Wonderful product packaged with love. Will purchase.

Lovely Thought But...

Customer service and presentation were extremely touching, kind and generous. I really wanted to like this . Sadly although I followed the instructions exactly, the actual beverage tasted really bad, like medicine. 😢 Sorry.

Amazing products, amazing customer service!

I have been blown away by this company in general, from their quality products to the care they give each customer. After emailing their customer service team on some questions I had, I promptly received an answer back, along with a very personalized experience on which products I should try, and how these products are beneficial. This is a company where they care about the mission over the profit.....what a breath of fresh air. I will forever be a customer, and plan to recommend their quality powders, tinctures, honey....everything, to everyone! THANK YOU!!!! You are making a difference!!!!

Amazing product!

My face is clearing up so quickly! I love how clean my face feels after a wash and the serum helped my skin to not dry in the freezing weather!

Loving It

Immune Boost Tea is fantastic. Chock full of all the good stuff.

Love this tea

I absolutely love this tea. It helps me so much with my inflammation in my back. So much more healthier than taking an ibuprofen. It does have turmeric in it so it does stain so you just have to be careful but I absolutely love it

Excellent Product

Perfect healthy replacement of coffee for me. Eliminated my morning acid reflux that started to get from coffee. Noticeably better energy and awareness that doesn't sharply fall off. I add cinnamon, stevia, and almond milk for my mix.

Very nice.

The soap suds up wonderfully, smells amazing, and rinses off without any left behind residue. When the soap is rinsed off none of the scent remains. Leaves skin feeling clean and smooth.

Great taste!

I love it and drink it almost everyday!

An awesome Adaptogen

I use this along with my Setraline and it is an added bonus to the my medication. I will definitely repurchase this...

Love it all

Thank you so much for the amazing samples, the adaptive cacao is delicious and the honey is tasty too. Cannot wait to try the tea.

Sleeping better

Sleepy tincture helps me sleep through the night and I feel rested when I wake up in the morning.


Love the lemongrass smell. I have moderately bad eczema and this serum kept me from using my prescribed steroid cream during a minor outbreak. I only wish there was the option to buy a bigger jar for a competitive price!

Love love love the face cleanse

This face cleaner has changed my skin! It’s smoother, fuller, brighter!

Smelled so good!

I bought some soap for my mom for Christmas and my brother loved it so much, he snagged it, so I had to order more for each of them.

Immune Boost is amazing!

I picked up some more Immune Boost just to have on hand. It’s amazing stuff and works so well! I love this store!

I will be ordering more! This is delicious and it feels like such an indulgent treat however there’s no sugar! I love it!

I haven’t received my order

Adaptive Caco

Delicious and great healthy substitute for morning coffee!

Amazingly delicious

It tastes amazing. More amazing than I expected. And it does actually boost my mood! Will be buying again and would recommend to a friend.

Great Quality and Value

I am very happy with this product! I will be referring others, thank you for your commitment to quality and efficacy.


The smell is great. High quality oils.