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adaptive cacao. performance superfood.
Micah Mueller (Oklahoma)

adaptive cacao. performance superfood.

Great taste

This is the first mushroom powder supplement I enjoy, love mixing it with some fruit and honey, great breakfast smoothie.


Absolutely love this product! Within about the third or fourth day I noticed considerable amount of ability to focus, slight mood boost, and some increased energy that increased over the week. I'm still assessing over longer period and will try to update.

Pretty good

This was my first time purchasing the adaptive cacao, and I have to say I am pleased. By itself, it tastes like hot chocolate with a LITTLE bit of grittiness, but not terrible at all. I just made their pumpkin adaptive smoothie, and it was amazing! Definitely will have again! I want to try the adaptive greens next!

magnesium spray.
Jayme S (Arizona)
Love the spray

Really love the magnesium spray, my husband and I both sleep like babies when we use it. The sprayer on the bottle does have to be rinsed frequently though, which is a bit annoying.

inflammation tincture.
Mary Cavaliere (Oregon)

I only started taking this about 3 weeks ago, but it has helped my inflammation to the point where I have been able to go off of my prescribed medication. It always makes me happy when I can solve a physical problem without Big Pharma!

face cream.
Neftali Fernandez (Arizona)
Nice texture

Soft texture nice not overpowering fragrance. Goes on smoothly not greasy.

supple tallow salve
G.M. (Texas)

I love this tallow! I use it morning and night on my face and neck. I use it on try patches or burns! Highly recommended!! Works great my grad kids diaper rash!

inflammation tea.
Elizabeth Limones
Love this tea!!

This has become a stable in my household. My kids and I love this tea! It taste so good and it has really helped with my inflammation. My kids are involved in sports and they said it helps them as well.

adaptive greens. performance superfood.
Stuart Furlong (Tennessee)

Gurd stuff

magnesium spray.
Micah Mueller (Oklahoma)

Seems to be working

reishi mushroom extract. organic
Yirka Gonzalez (Florida)

This product has changed my life, i would recommend it 100%

magnesium spray.
JENNY (Indiana)
Bye bye stinky pits? 🤞🏼🤞🏼

I bought this in hopes it will help my stinky pits. I spray it on at night before bed. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy. I can give all the stars yet because I’m sure there is some period of time for my body to get used to it. As of right now i still am Needing some deodorant. But other people have said they don’t so we shall see. Hopefully i will be able to give it 5 stars in the future.

magnesium spray.
Zariya (New Jersey)

I’m loving the product I feel the tingle definitely helps with sleep , relaxation of the body and also menstrual cramps . But the spray application must go stop working has to transfer over to another bottle.

detox tincture
Avery Whitley (North Carolina)

I am not sure what I expected but I was hoping for a feeling of wellness, Better sleep, or more energy but, I don’t feel any difference.


I was afraid I would not like the taste of the adaptive greens, but I love it! It’s slightly sweet and minty and very refreshing! I usually make it to drink at work right after lunch! I will definitely be buying more!

adaptive greens + cacao stack
Andrea Ruser (California)

I feel so much better when I take these products.

Great Products!!

I tried the Adaptive Greens and Adaptive Cacao. They both taste great and have amazing health benefits that I personally have experienced. The quality of ingredients are 1st class compared to what else is out there. I've already re-ordered...

anxiety tincture.
Tania Davila (Florida)
Anxiety Tincture

It works well. I take it morning and night and I have felt a difference with the anxiety I have been feeling for so long. I would suggest it for anyone trying to use something more natural. Give it a shot!

inflammation tincture.
Luke Lahman (California)

Started my roots inflammation tincture on 9/5/23. Two droppers full once a day and can't tell much difference yet. Gonna keep trying until it's gone.

adaptive cacao. performance superfood.
Dustin Estes (Tennessee)

Amazing product. Loved the taste and health benefits. If I was to critique anything it would to be to take out stevia extract. With this being a supplement you are able to add a natural sweetener like honey

anxiety tincture.
Nigellah Ordonez (California)

anxiety tincture.

anxiety tincture.
Anonymous (Florida)

Pleased with results, happy to observe difference.

adaptive greens. performance superfood.
Jessica Jarrell (South Carolina)

The smell was off putting at first. Mixes well and it tastes like a strong green tea to me. Will re-order

adaptive cacao. performance superfood.

So far so good this stuff really gives me a boost. I would recommend it at least try it once.