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natural deodorant.
Tammi Leingang

natural deodorant.

inflammation tincture.
Melissa Khalife

Wonderful! Helps ease my Rosacea

body serum.
Elizabeth Torrez

body serum.

Two thumbs up!

Our pain remedy go-to

Highly recommended!! It works better than (and costs less than) CBD oils

soap stack 5 pack.
Cindi & Jaymi Hosmer

The soaps are awesome! They make my skin super hydrated, unlike other soaps I’ve used in the past.

face serum.
Tyling Batista

face serum.

magnesium spray.
Jon Borges

Been using it on my clients and it has been super effective at spasm release! Thank you!

The elixir of life!

ashwagandha tincture.
Robert Gilman
Best Products and Service

This is my favorite company - great delivery, great energy, and cool free precious stones with each shipment. If you care about your health this is the place. The ashwagandha tincture is of the highest quality and having an immediant affect. Thank you thank you.

On the fence

I am pretty ambivalent about the cacao. For me, there are two drawbacks. First, I would prefer it unsweetened. Second, it doesn't mix in completely and leaves a grit in the last couple swallows. If those two things were different, I would probably give 4 stars. I do believe the mushroom properties are helping and definitely notice cognitive improvement. For me personally, I have found those benefits in a different beverage that I enjoy more. I think this one however, is perfect for some folks!

Can’t get enough

Great flavor and a noticeable general feeling. The combo of the honey and mushroom is a natural. Get some, you will be thankful.

eye serum
Lawrence Edward Besch

Haven’t used it that much. So not able to comment on it’s effectiveness. What is it suppose to do ?

body salve.
Kaylin McAree
So good I get it from across the country

Back in 2019 I moved to VA, then NC. I used to visit the store and regularly shop there. Never could exist without this body salve. I have eczema on my back, legs, and chest. The body salve is the only thing I have found in 7 years that actually works. I don't itch, my skin isn't scaley or flaky. On top of that, I get really bad razor burn. I forget that my skin is sensitive when I have this stuff on hand. It's so good that from across the country I order from Roots and my skin couldn't be softer or more clear. 10/10!

I was so surprised that this really does help improve my mental focus and concentration! I am a skeptic when it come to so many claims companies make about how the latest superfood will help you, but this one lives up to its claims! I make I with hot milk and it tastes like hot cocoa. I have in the afternoon to help me make it through the day. Definitely recommend and they made a consistent user out of me!

inflammation tea.
Lynn Gregory

inflammation tea.

ashwagandha tincture.
Dyana Arbuthnott
Good stuff Maynard

It seems to be fulfilling what it is advertised to do. It tastes like dirt so it is better if you find something to cover the taste. It is nice to find something that actually works.

face cleanse.
Lavaughn Fernander
Great product

I am pleased with the results

Adaptive cacao superfood

love this adaptive cacao superfood! Was the missing ingredient to add benefits and flavor to another mushroom product I use as a coffee replacement. Mmmmm drink up the health

Amazing Product!

Love the taste, quality, and superior ingredients!

Substitute for coffee

I stopped drinking coffee and have substituted this drink in the am. It does the trick tastes like cocoa.

Adaptive Cacao

This product is really good. Clarity, focus, and energy. Won't make you jittery or crash. It's so so natural. Give it a try!

face serum.
Barbara J Wilson
The best!

My skin is so happy with this serum! It’s not greasy and I truly feel the difference when I apply it. Love to use it on my face at bed time and dry hands and feet. Will buy again and again!

face cream.
Lavaughn Fernander

I can see and feel the difference in just 2 weeks. I use it every day. Love it

magnesium spray.
La Donna Penny
magnesium spray

great product, light, not greasy. works well with muscle rub