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Good penetrating muscle rub

muscle rub. arnica & essential oils
Lindy Yackanech (Florida)

muscle rub. arnica & essential oils

anxiety tincture.
Randy (New York)
Great for my anxiety

It really helps me slow down just enough and enjoy the present vs. the a constant worrying about what's next.

beard oil.
Matt (Colorado)

Great products and super helpful staff!

face cream.
Lisa G (Colorado)
This stuff is AMAZING!!!

Coming from the East Coast, I didn't realize how much moisture my skin would need when I moved out west. I started to see hyper pigmentation and my face got blotchy and uneven. I have been using this face cream for almost 7 months and it's made a huge difference. I have it sent every 2 months now to make sure I don't run out!

natural deodorant.
Kayla (Colorado)
Best Natural Deodorant

This is genuinely the best natural deodorant I’ve tried! I work at a health food store so I’ve tried a myriad of products. As someone who sweats a ton, natural deodorants tend to only last me around 6 hours. This deodorant has lasted me all day so far. Would highly recommended!

Sierra Caselle (Florida)
Absolutely amazing.

Roots can never do wrong. I love you guys.

adaptive cacao. performance superfood.
Michael Klein (Michigan)
Adaptive Caco

Purchsed twice now and have had similar results. There has been some noticeable improvement with energy, brain fog and cognitive abilities... but I would classify the improvement as negligible or minor. I have enjoyed the product. However, I would have expected more noticeable improvement. Product seems expensive for the results.

adaptive greens. performance superfood.

Package arrived open and unsealed

My product seems pretty good, but it arrived open with some powder spilled into the external package. It didn’t seem tampered with, rather just unsealed when shipped. I do enjoy the product though and hope this packaging problem is not a trend.

eye serum
ruth espinoza (Texas)
I love all the products this company produces! clean, clear results!

The eye serum is one of the best products I have ever used! RESULTS! LOVE IT! Thank you for all the love you pour into these products!

face cleanse.
Jessica Kozar (Virginia)

This product has become my favorite face cleanser. I love it!

natural deodorant.
Melodie Auguste (Florida)
Love it

I have strong smells postpartum and this is the only one that proved to work on me

face serum.
Amanda (Florida)

This is my first time ever buying a face serum. After reading the reviews I had to give this a try. It’s amazingly luxurious. I use it right after using their face cleanse and then I put my moisturizer on about five minutes later. It has made my skin so perfect and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. Just buy it, you won’t regret it. Given that there are literally no laws in place for beauty products in America, it’s nice to see that some companies take it upon themselves to truly be clean. And it obviously shows in the results!

adaptive cacao. performance superfood.

body serum.
ruth espinoza (Texas)

The smell, light weight oil is intoxicating! I LOVEIT!!

adaptive greens. performance superfood.
Jeff Schreiner (California)
Exploded during shipping

I love your product but during my last shipment my greens opened and I lost quite a bit of that bag and had quite a mess. Not sure how to share pictures on here.

anxiety tincture.
Holli Davis (Texas)
Anxiety tincture

I use the blend on days I'm working and can definitely feel the difference on those days. A calming effect for sure.

anxiety tea.
Donna Hiatt (Colorado)
Love the products love the owners and employees

Ooops love product and the knowledgeable employees

magnesium spray.
Stephanie Kindvall (South Dakota)

Works great for my tennis elbow and low back pain

adaptive cacao. performance superfood.
Lisa Comis (Massachusetts)

Delicious! Wholesome, healthy, love it!

energy tincture.
jane angel (New York)

I am a pharmacist working in NY and I recommend your products all the time

natural deodorant.
Courtni Foster (Colorado)

Smells great

In love!

I absolutely love this product. Has been the best I've used so far. I'm hoping to still continue with this, but the price is kinda up there. And I also wish your cacao blend was 30 servings.