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natural deodorant.
Jessica Autrey

I love this deodorant. The only negative is it makes the underarms of my clothes all waxey

I actually liked it!

I have tried so many different things that I just could not take. I surprisingly liked the adaptive cacao.

Does the job

I am a landscaper and work in up a sweat in hot weather most days. This deodorant always does the job. Perhaps it is the addition of the arrowroot, but it also does a pretty good job of acting as an antiperspirant too. If at the end of the work day, I am not able to go home and shower, that is the point when I may need to reapply.

Love love love

Face serum is a game changer! Within a week my dry, flaky skin completely changed. It’s super soft and redness calmed down. I will keep buying!

An excellent alternative to coffee

I have gastritis/gerd, so I wanted to find something to replace coffee. This tastes delicious and provides noticable energy without the afternoon crash, or most importantly for me, no stomach irritation. It's not like the immediate caffeine buzz from coffee, it comes on slower but lasts much longer.

Best Rosemary, Around!!

The BEST on the market!! I love using it in my kitchen and few drops in my dishwasher as well as 8-9 drops in my diffuser at home!! If you are someone who often uses Rosemary essential oil, you will KNOW the quality that Roots Apothecary’s oil is and how this quality makes all the difference and will never purchase anywhere else.

Love this product

So a integeative doctor suggested me using several products listed in the ingredients. I couldnt believe I found them ALL in one mix! I can tell a big difference in my body already. It has a bit of a sour (not horrible) after taste but its less noticable the more you drink it. So glad I found this! Plus loved the honey sample will be buying that next.

body serum.
E Gillespie Kristine
Body serun

Smiles nice, moisturizing, without being sticky. Love it and will buy again!

Softer Beard

Helps control dry facial skin. Softer more pliable beard hair.

Smells amazing

My brother introduced us to the Roots brand and I’m so glad he did. Really love the way they smell and knowing it is natural makes me smile even more

Love this place!!!

Never been unhappy with quality, cost or customer care.

face serum.
Jean Fahrenkrug
Face serum not received as of 9/13/21.

I have not received the face serum. It was not delivered because the package was damaged. No response from UPS or Roots Apothecary.

Love it

Has a great taste, makes me feel much better than I have in a long time. Will definitely be getting more

Keep coming back ….

It keeps the entire family from being skunks.

Fine- but not a pleasant scent

I honestly haven't used it on myself, because I don't like the smell, but I did use it on my daughter's growing pains, and she seemed to get some relief from it. So, it's not a bad product, I just wish I would have smelled it prior to purchasing. Maybe then I would have tried a different pain relieving product. The store is right up my alley with the homeopathic/ non-pharmacological type products, and I will be visiting again.

detox tincture
Keri Viegas

I absolutely love this stuff. It works and cleans you out!

This stuff is amazing!!

my daughter and son had a cold/cough and this stuff took it away in a day. It works great!!

My favorite blend!!

This is seriously my most favorite oil blend ever! Smells beyond amazing!

Love the raw honey base!

This product does exactly what it claims. A totally natural adaptive combination that tastes great. Better focus and mind clarity, improved energy, and decreased inflammation and pain. Great stuff!

face serum.
Mercedes Tonne

Very nice face oil!

Amazed by this product

sleepy tea.
Visa Cardholder
Sleepy tea

The Sleepy Tea is quite enjoyable! It’s calming and a lovely way to end the day.


I have been using this product for a month now and it is a great start to my day! I really like that it is a subtly sweet creamy chocolate drink, perfect start to the morning, it has helped my digestion tremendously, great addition to my paleo lifestyle!

Love This Natural Deodorant!

I’ll be honest, I’m a pretty stinky person... this natural deodorant is by far THE BEST natural deodorant that I’ve ever used. I don’t sweat nearly as much and it does an awesome job of neutralizing any odor! Highly recommend the Herbaceous scent!

anxiety tincture.
Kristi Trusler
Anxiety Tincture

Wonderful product…highly recommend!!!