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The conversation of Whole Body Health can't be had without discussing food and supplements. Whether its brain health, joint health, strength and fitness, skin health, etc. we strongly believe it all starts with gut health. It's pretty mind blowing that mainstream western medicine still denies the influence of diet on disease, and the lack of. But that is all about to change. The traditional mindset of health, heavily influenced by big pharma, massive food conglomerates and industry, is being strategically challenged by some major players and scientifically sound research that supports the idea that 'food is medicine'.

It's a good time to be alive. In the next decade, we will experience an amazingly positive paradigm shift in the way we look at health. The science is already there, and being strengthened by some brilliant physicians and researchers who are looking at the gut as a major player (if not the main player) in whole body health. These pioneers of nutritional and microbial health are making incredible discoveries and


Some Recommended Readings

There are a few readings that embody our company knowledge and focus.

Brain Maker by David Perlmutter M.D.

How Not To Die by Michael Greger M.D.

Kill Cancer Not People