Business Appreciation Gifts

Show your customers + employees they're valued

People talk when they get something they like and they remember who gave it to them. Small gestures can mean a lot. Happy customers become return customers and refer their friends. Happy employees are more motivated and trust worthy.

We work with all types of businesses that go the extra mile to thank their customers and employees. Our products are unique, practical and thoughtful. Every product is handmade in Colorado Springs, Colorado with sustainable organic ingredients that support whole body health. Whether you know exactly what your recipients like or have no clue at all, we have options and will work with you to find the best package.

Why Our Products Make Awesome Gifts

Functional gifts are the best. We make stuff people actually use. Unlike mainstream stuff, our products and company have a strong story and countless talking points. Every detail of our operation, formulas and packaging is meticulously eco-friendly and healthful. We aren't just another bar of soap and some body scrubs. We aren't a product you can find easily anywhere. We're a gem with a completely different experience.

How This Works

We pretty much handle everything after you give us a little direction and a budget. Whether you're a sole proprietor or a booming construction company, we work with you to craft an awesome package for your employees and clients. We have popular packages ready to bundle up and deliver, or you can customize your bundles however you want. We're super flexible and accommodating.

 Benefits of Working With Us

  • We've done this hundreds of times for a wide variety of different companies and occasions from realtors to marketing companies.
  • With a little direction, we handle the lifting from start to finish
  • We're very well priced for a top quality organic product


While you may just be showing your appreciation, quality gifts to your employees and clients are a very useful investment into your business.


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