muscle rub. arnica & essential oils

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  • 32% organic essential oil.
  • 20% organic menthol.
  • 15% organic arnica extract.
  • organic bees wax & coconut base

apply 2-3 pea sizes to sore muscles, joints, and sticky fascia. use as needed.

be careful when applying to broken skin or around sensitive areas. this is a no joke formula. keep away from kids and pets. wash your hands after applying.

roots apothecary muscle rub is a well-rounded and powerful blend of house arnica extract and steam-distilled essential oils with a potent 20% menthol content. we never use emulsifiers, synthetic colors, sythetic scents or preservatives. our muscle run is 100% functional.  

apply as needed to promote localized blood flow, relax muscles and reduce inflammation.

under the lid:

*coconut oil

*bees wax

arnica infusion (*olive oil, *arnica flowers)

*eucalyptus oil

*peppermint oil

*lavender oil

*menthol crystals (flash frozen from organic mint essential oil)

vitamin e

*certified organic ingredient

freaking love this product.

Training for an Ironman comes with lots of aches and pains especially when you are over 40. I use this salve almost every night and even keep a small container in my purse. I love the smell, love the cooling menthol, and it seems to help with the pain that I have. I do really try to massage it into my muscles which helps. It's pleasant on the hands too. I don't feel like I have to wash it off after applying. Great product.

margaret a.

the best to do it

I bought this for my mom and I to use since we constantly experience neck and foot pain and this completely relieved us. This will continue to be my go to for any soreness or muscle pains!

Sayda Z.

works great!

so happy with this product, after a long hike, i apply it at night, and I wake up no soreness!!!

erika g.

house extracted arnica

the use of arnica for bruising, inflammation, pains, sprains and other injuries dates back to 16th-century germany and is still a staple in muscle rub formulas today.

strong arnica extracts are hard to come by. we learned this pretty early in the development of the muscle rub and decided to run our extractions in-house to keep potency at consistently higher levels than what's available. we use a low heat oil infusion and press to extract.

if you find a little pant fiber in your muscle rub, it's from the arnica extract. arnica flowers have very few fibers that sneak through the filtering process.

pain, inflammation, muscle tension and soreness are guaranteed for an athlete who trains often. the muscle rub is made to help keep inflammation down and supports soft tissue repair. use before, during and after training as needed to support blood flow and mobility and calm pain and inflammation. we hand these samples out at pretty much every event. so if you have seen us at ironman, BWR, blaze trails, etc, you probably got a sample of this!

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Jorel Peplinski (North Dakota)
works wonders

I had a deep pain in my left shoulder and was barely able to move my arm without hurting. This muscle rub worked great and within the hour my pain was mostly gone, and my ability to move fully was returned.

Alexis Illa (Colorado)
Turbo pain relief!

This ointment gives the fastest pain relief I've ever experienced with any cream, ointments or lotions that I have used in the past. I have arthritis in my neck and this is the only thing that gives me actual full relief! I have recommended it to everyone I know and will be purchasing backup soon. Thank you for such an amazing product!

Robin (Pennsylvania)
Amazingly effective

I got a sample of this at a race and I could not believe how well a small amount worked. Use it for all my sore muscles and love the all-natural ingredients and pleasant scent. It’s all I will use from now on!

Tanya Hernandez (Texas)
Muscle Rub

My husband swears by the Muscle Rub. He is on his fourth bottle. Uses after long runs or ultramarathons. Great product.

Vicki Wagner (Minnesota)
Works wonderfully!

I need a shoulder replacement and it takes the pain away so I can sleep through the night