body serum.

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Essential Oil Infusion

 light on skin. heavy on nutrition.

  • nutrient rich & fast absorbing formula
  • strengthen lipid barrier^
  • improve inflammation response^
  • support collagen and elastin production^


*ev sunflower oil
*ev spanish olive oil
*apricot oil
*golden jojoba oil
*ev avocado oil
*ev hemp seed oil
*essential oil
vitamin e

*certified organic ingredients

ev = extra virgin plant extract


serum or salve?

body serum:
- lighter option for daily moisture & nutrition. 
- developed for normal to moderately dry & irritated skin.
- full body serum. can be used on the face also.

body salve:
- heavy formula for moderate - horribly dry & irritated skin.
- better option for cracked skin, eczema, psoriasis and other forms of dermatitis. 
- designed to be used as a spot treatment, but can be used as a full body moisturizer.


 ditch the lotions. supplement with plant oils.

Healthy skin has a healthy lipid barrier that serves as your first line of defense against external pathogens and impurities and is responsible for retaining moisture in the underlying skin. Lipid barrier damage often results in dry, irritated, inflamed skin. Water based moisturizers (lotions) are notoriously guilty of containing ingredients that disrupt and damage the lipid barrier. We never use water in our moisturizers and maintain synthetic free formulas with zero preservatives, fragrances, fillers, etc. All Whole Body Apothecary moisturizers are formulated with certified organic oils that complement each other to provide a full spectrum of fatty acids (short, medium and long chain), including significant sources of omega 3&9 essential fatty acids. This variety provides short and long term moisture, protection and healing properties.

Lipid Barrier good vs shitty graphic

Read More Why Oils Are Better Than Lotions

 super nutrition & moisture.

Whether you have perfectly hydrated skin or a desert for an epidermis, this moisturizer will far outperform anything you have tried before.

- Light moisturizer & unrefined nutritional supplement
- Easiest transition from lotions to oils (fast absorbing, non "greasy" formula)
- Zero harsh ingredients: best option for sensitive skin, eczema, dermatitis, etc.
- Strengthen the skin's natural ability to retain its own moisture (NMF) 


fast absorbing formula.

Some people are afraid of oil moisturizers leaving a "greasy feeling" on the surface of their skin. This isn't always true. While many oil moisturizers will feel "greasy", the key to a fast absorbing formula is balance. Our Body Serum is full spectrum to provide the skin with a well balanced super supplement. With high quality lipids in the right ratios, this oil moisturizer is faster absorbing than the majority of lotions while delivering far superior nutritional value.

extra virgin is better.

It's common practice in the skin care industry to heavily refine (process) plant oils (even certified organic products). The refining process makes an odorless, thinner, more neutral oil to make products more consistent in color, texture and scent throughout production. This process also strips a large amount of the plant's nutritional value (vitamins, minerals, proteins, polyphenols, photosterols and other micro-nutrients)

Our products are crafted with extra virgin, unrefined plant oils that provide a dense variety of nutrition. This is why our products may vary in color from batch to batch. The slight variations, in color and scent, of our products are caused by the slight variations of the plants themselves from harvest to harvest. These differences are mostly influenced by environment (rainfall, temperature, soil composition, time of the year, etc.) Extra virgin unrefined oils retain nutrition that feeds and strengthens your skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Love Soft Smooth Skin

If you love soft, smooth skin this is a must. I’ve been using this in the evening before I get into bed and the scent of the lavender in the mint is so calming and peaceful. I usually fall asleep before I really want to, but it’s been absolutely amazing as far as nourishing my skin! I love this product! I love Roots Apothecary! Everything I’ve gotten from them is A+ in quality and effectiveness, which is hard to find nowadays!

Christina Moorman (Indiana)
Game Changer

Stopped using lotions and creams some time ago, tired many organic oil nothing really absorbed and stayed long until this body serum. It absorbed quick and I stay moisturized

Sarah Soderberg (Minnesota)
This is the pooh and ya better smell it!

I am a bit of a skin routine fanatic, usually my extra money goes towards my skin products. That being said, I have tried quite a bit products ranging from glorified juice beauty or first aid products to underground ones. This serum has been my holy grail in skin routine. I’ve used this specific serum for about five months, I love the smell the way it feels on my skin and the shine it leaves for hours after. Now I do have a bit of a routine- dry brush then apply serum- but what I have noticed is scars on my knees from volleyball that have been there since I was a kid has been disappearing! Why? No clue but I feel happy about it. Huge fan of its natural ingredients and the fresh smell, it is not overwhelming. I use this serum and the face serum currently- I think you could use the body serum for the face if your cheap like me. Either way, big fan of this product and would recommend to anyone who gets overwhelmed in the skin care department. It’s simple and effective. Would love a discount for being your biggest fan and furthest customer (northern Minnesota over here!) ;)

Mary Bandish (Wisconsin)
Nice and light

My skin feels good when I put it on but skin is itchy again after about 1/2 hour. That could be because it’s winter here in Wisconsin. I love the lavender and mint smell.

Sam (Florida)

This was my first time purchasing the body serum and I love it. I have been applying it to my face and neck at night over my other serums and it's so nice. The scent is also amazing!