adaptive honey. lion's mane & cordyceps

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mushroom infused honey.

organic raw wildflower honey + lion's mane and cordyceps mushroom extracts.

+ focus & clarity

+ smooth & sustainable energy.

+ calming stress response.

+ adrenal support.

+ mental & physical endurance.

+ relaxing the mind & body.

in the jar:

*raw wildflower honey.
*cordyceps mushroom extract 10:1 fruiting body.
*lion's mane mushroom extract 8:1 fruiting body.

*certified organic ingredient.

daily use.

+ 1x -2x teaspoon daily.

+ like most of our products, adaptive honey is best when used daily to promote more stability in your results. however, since the adaptive honey is made with powerful 8x-10x extracts, you can use it as needed with notable acute benefits also.

+ do not exceed 4x servings / day. this could cause overstimulation and diminishing benefits.

+ add to tea, coffee, yogurt, smoothies or just enjoy a scoop.

real mushrooms. 

therapeutic mushrooms are becoming very popular. like most natural remedies that become popular in the mainstream, the industry is being flooded with low-quality, low-therapeutic-value mushrooms. the majority of mushrooms test very low in beta-glucan and active compounds. when a mushroom tests high in polysaccharide content, but low in beta-glucan content, it's basically an exotic potato. high in starch, and low in therapeutic value.

our mushrooms are grown by the world's top-respected mushroom farm. we literally use the best mushrooms in the world. certified organic, always above 25% total beta-glucan content which makes up at least 70% of the polysaccharide content. these are real mushrooms and they pack real benefits.

mushroom honey + herbal teas.

mushroom honeys can be enjoyed straight from the spoon and are surprisingly tasty, especially considering the large mushroom content. it really is tasty stuff. eating from the spoon is the quickest and most common way to enjoy mushroom honeys, but if you want to step it up a notch, pair the mushroom honey with one of our signature tea blends. we offer stacks that pair mushroom honey with tea blends that amplify and diversify the health and performance benefits. there's a little more prep work involved with preparing a tea, but the combinations are undoubtedly powerful and enjoyable.

to enjoy the mushroom honey + herbal tea combinations, brew the tea as directed on each bag (takes 6-8 mins to steep). after steeping and removing herbs, scoop the mushroom honey and stir it in. don't add the honey until after steeping and removing the herbal tea.

adaption for optimal health. 

adaptation is arguably the most important key to modern health and wellness. our environment is changing much faster than our mind-body can physiologically adjust or update. for example, stress is a biological response designed to help us fight or run from danger. unfortunately, this response can't be updated as easily as computer software, even though our environment is changing as fast as technology. this is why modern dysfunctions are dominated by anxiety, poor sleep quality, inflammation, toxicity, nutrient deficiency and a weakened immune system. these systems have not been updated at the rate of our lifestyle changes. not even close!

adaptation at the rate we experience change requires mindfulness and work. there are many ways to help your mind-body adapt to the ever-evolving world we live in. one of the most impactful ways to promote adaptation is supplementation with adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms. these powerful balancing botanicals help decrease your biological sensitivity and response to stress, helping maintain mind-body balance and efficiency. we will continue to experience internal and external stress, this is pretty much guaranteed. adaptogens help prevent a dramatic biological response to stress. a 2009 pharmaceuticals journal publication on the effect of adaptogens on the central nervous system calls this protection the "stress protective effect".

by calming the response to stress you will:

+ promote creative and proactive brainwave states (alpha - lower beta) that is associated with analytical thinking, mental clarity, focus, multi-tasking, better memory retention and recall. this less reactive brain wave state is also less energy intensive which helps maintain focus and clarity for longer periods of time.

+ allow your mind-body to allocate resources to long term health and wellness systems like digestion, nutrient absorption & transport, immune system strength, protein synthesis, neuro-plasticity and neuro-genesis, sex drive.

+ protect you adrenals from fatigue and hormone imbalance.

+ promote sustained mental and physical endurance.

+ promote a balanced circadian rhythm for better sleep and wake cycles.

++++ much more. protecting your mind-body from the damaging effects of ongoing stress can have significant impacts on short and long term health, wellness and performance in all aspects of life.

difference between adaptive cacao and mushroom honey.

roots apothecary's adaptive cacao is very well rounded in serving the mind-body's many highly dependent systems like the stress response, digestion, inflammation, mood, cognitive performance and immune system. we use 1x extractions in the adaptive cacao which it's delivers the highly therapeutic properties of each also packed with anti-oxidants, pre-biotic fiber and trace minerals. the benefits of the adaptive cacao are beautifully well-rounded, but the adaptive honey packs highly focused and concentrated benefits that are unique to each infusion.

our adaptive honey is highly focused. instead of using 1x extractions, our honey is infused with 8x-10x extractions that concentrate active compounds unique to each mushroom. for example, lion's mane is known for supporting mental clarity, cognitive performance, neurogenesis, neuroplasticity and overall brain health. 1x lion's mane extract delivers these properties with a variety of overlapping benefits with other mushrooms like stress reduction, digestion support and inflammation. 8x lion's mane concentrates the active compounds that promote focus, clarity, neuroplasticity, neurogenesis and overall brain health. while the honey is not as well rounded at the adaptive cacao, it's more powerful and focused on

additionally, our mushroom honey is quicker and easier to prepare. all you need is a spoon. theres additional benefit and enjoyment to adding mushroom honey to your tea or coffee, but its not necessary. while adaptive cacao prep is also pretty quick (2 minutes), it still requires hot water and milk to prepare.

honey + herbal tea stacks.

energy tea - adaptogenic & nootropic blend.

*yerba mate - natural nootropic
*eleuthero (siberian ginseng) - adaptogen
*rhodiola rosea - adaptogen
*peppermint - stimulates senses
*ft sencha green tea - natural nootropic
*rosemary - powerful antioxidant
*ginger root - adaptogen

brain boost tea - cognitive boosting botanical blend.

*gotu kola - memory + focus
*rhodiola rosea - adaptogen
*bacopa - brain health
*yerba mate - natural nootropic
*rosemary - powerful antioxidant
*oatstraw - calming, stress relief
*ginkgo - memory +focus
*sage - antioxidant

inflammation tea - ayurvedic masterpiece

*turmeric -
*ginger root -
*cinnamon bark -
inflammation. cardiovascular
*cloves -
*nettle leaf & root -
allergies. histamine response.
*chamomile -
*black pepper -
*rooibos tea -
*marshmallow root -
soothing gut lining

Customer Reviews

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This honey Is so awesome it's given me excellent mental focus and energy it really uplifts my mood. I mix it in my tea.

Antonio (California)
Nice flavor

The honey is a welcomed addition to my evening tea. Wonderful flavor.


I absolutely love all of my roots products but the honey in particular has given me so much energy and helps with anxiety. I'm so grateful to have found these products.

Richelle Seales (Illinois)

This honey is amazing!!!! 😻 gives me energy, and helps me with a clear mind I add it to my cacao and it just gives me the boost I need, it helps with my anxiety and depression as well since I have been on this I haven’t looked back! I NEED THE BIGGEST JAR PISSSIBLE 😀


I need a big one of these. Omg I love this honey 😍😍😍