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Essential Oil Infustion
the basics.
+ organic plat oils & butters
+ mineral rich dead sea salt
+ detoxifying clay blend 
+ organic aromatherapy
+ zero synthetic colors, fragrances, detergents, etc.


the good stuff.

saponified oils

*coconut oil
*extra virgin olive oil
*ft extra virgin shea butter
*Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil
*Castor Oil}
*Essential Oil
Bentonite Clay
Dead Sea Salt
*Certified Organic Plant Powders or Clay for color (Details Below)
*Certified Organic / FT = Fair Trade Certified


all the good stuff & none of the bad. authentically crafted with certified organic plant oils using cold process saponification. believe it or not, very few soaps on the market (handmade or manufactured) are made without the use of detergents, synthetic colors, fragrances, preservatives, plastics and other ingredients that can disrupt skin health and introduce environmental toxins. dont rely on claims made on packaging or marketing, read your labels and opt for truly natural ingredients. 


go authentic. go simple. go clean.

  • zero synthetic detergents, fragrances, colors, preservatives, etc.
  • does not strip the skin of beneficial nutrients & oils.
  • does not compromise lipid barrier integrity.
  • does not damage microbial flora.
  • does not cause damaging inflammation.
  • does not harm environment. low eco-impact from harvest to drain.

soap varieties.

in order of popularity:


*certified organic lemongrass essential oil
Our best seller, Lemongrass, has nice earthy notes with subtle citrus and sweetness. The explanation of this scent is a sweet lemon bread. This really does smell like a delicious cookie or something. Not as much citrus as you would expect, more like bread. 
color: * certified organic lemon peel powder


*certified organic lavender essential oil.
deep & rich floral notes with a strong earthy base. since we blend with authentic french lavender oil, it's not overly sweet of perfumey like lavender fragrance. 
calming & soothing
color: *certified organic hibiscus powder & authentic moroccan clay


*certified organic peppermint & eucalyptus essential oils.
Invigorating minty goodness, but not overpowering. Turn your shower into a spa steam room. This is our most "clean and refreshing" scent.
Color: Activated Charcoal Powder from Coconut Shells


patchouli orange.

*patchouli essential oil & *orange essential oil
tangy, citrus, earthy, hippie. an awesome balance of earthy, sweet and citrus.
color: moroccan clay and turmeric powder



*Certified Organic Essential Oils of patchouli, eucalyptus, orange & cedarwood
strong woodsman with a note of hippy. for the outdoor enthusiast, our brochacho soap smells like a thick forest in the mountains. nice deep, rich wood scents with notes of crisp eucalyptus. a tiny smidgen of sweetness and mint comes through when used in the shower. this is our most earthy scent.
color: *certified organic turmeric powder

tea tree.

*certified organic tea tree oil
while this is not a super popular scent, tea tree is a very popular soap for its effective anti-microbial properties. this soap is especially popular in the athletic & medical communities due to their exposure to pathogenic microbes. the list of functional properties of tea tree is extensive.
color: *certified organic spinach powder


*certified organic spearmint oil
Smells exactly like you would expect spearmint to smell.
color: *certified organic spinach powder and activated charcoal from coconut shells

we make the best soap.

we use old school cold process saponification to craft all roots apothecary soap. saponification is actually the only way to make soap by definition. 

aside from using real soap making methods, we don't use detergents in any of our products. this means our soap won't irritate your skin and cause itchiness or dryness. synthetic free skin is happy skin.
synthetics can be irritating and cause chronic inflammatory issues that can deteriorate skin health. we only use natural oils, salts, minerals and plant based micro nutrients that you can recognize and pronounce. our formulas are based on the biology of optimizing fundamental skin health.

healthy skin. happy skin.

Natural Soaps aren't necessarily super exciting, but they're something we use daily (or pretty close to it). Most "soaps" are heavily formulated with synthetic chemicals that can cause legitimate skin conditions over time. Take a look at the ingredients of most soap on the market (mass produced or handmade). Notice all the unpronounceable chemicals? Similar to you not being able pronounce many of the ingredients, your skin doesn't know either. Your skin is less chill than you are, when it comes to synthetic ingredients. When a chemical is not fully recognized as friendly, it's often treated as a toxin and the inflammation process is triggered. Inflammation on a daily basis from soaps, lotions and other synthetic products can cause annoying chronic inflammatory problems. Don't want to end up with wrinkled, weak, diseased skin? Reduce inflammation. It's super simple.


It's the small things that set us apart from other soap companies. Our packaging is made from 100% recycled and biodegradable material.

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Liza (Georgia)

I’ve been against using bar soap for as long as I can remember but have been looking for products that are better for my skin. So far I am really enjoying this soap - it makes my skin feel clean without drying.

Chloe McFaddin (Georgia)

We love many of the roots products. The soap is my new favorite. The natural, clean scent lingers on your skins long after you’ve showered.

olivia (Colorado)
good stuff

smells good and cleans ma body :)

Sarah Milliser (California)



Love this idem. The soup is amazing!