R3 - rest. relaxation. restore.

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the R3 tincture bundle is designed for people who are regularly disrupted in daily life by anxiety and sleep problems. these two problems are very intertwined and exhausting. the combination of poor sleep and anxiety is often self-fueling, meaning anxiety causes poor sleep and poor sleep causes more anxiety. when chronic, these problems disrupt all other mental and physical systems and can be very challenging to get under control. 

the R3 routine helps balance stress response, protecting the mind-body from consequences of chronic cortisol while helping improve overall sleep quality, allowing the mind-body to optimize the critical repair, organize and prepare  processes that happen during good sleep. 


R3 tincture bundle

  • 1x ashwagandha tincture
  • 1x anxiety tincture
  • 1x sleepy tincture

30 days supply.

No Caffeine


benefits of getting sleep and anxiety into balances states.

- improved energy and motivation.
- improved focus and decision making.
- improved memory retention and recall. 
- mood stability and awareness. 
- improved ability to connect and be present in relationships. 
- poor digestive health and regularity. 
- improved nutrient absorption and delivery.
- improved immune system intelligence and response.
+ more. 


anxiety tincture.

*valerian root
*rhodiola rosea
*holy basil
*oat straw
*passion flower
*lemon balm

*certified organic


ashwagandha extract.

*ashwagandha Root

*certified organic


sleepy tincture.

*california poppy (not opium plant)
*passion flower
*wild lettuce
*gotu kola
*hops flower

*certified organic

all tinctures contain the following additional ingredients.
certified organic & gluten free cane alcohol (40-55%),
reverse osmosis water,
certified organic vegetable glycerin 
*certified organic

R3 stack directions.

ashwagandha tincture. - 2x dropper full in the morning. 

anxiety tincture. - 2x dropper full after lunch.

sleepy tincture. - 2x dropper full 1hr before bed. 


duration - the R3 routine will last 30 days. 

directions - do not consume roots apothecary tinctures directly from the container. roots apothecary herbal tinctures are highly concentrated and still contain approx 30% alcohol. please dilute with at least 4oz of water. recommended to take with food. recommended to avoid highly processed "food" while taking the R3 routine. highly processed foods can increase inflammation and cortisol and limits the potential of the R3 protocol. 


30 day expectations. 

we stand behind our product quality and results. 

all roots apothecary products are backed by a 365 day 100% free and simple return policy. we encourage all clients to finish the entire protocol before deciding whether the protocol met your expectations or not. you can return a finished protocol for the same refund as an unopened bottle. 

some people report notable results within the first 3 days, and most will see results within the first 10 days, but we encourage everyone to be patient with the process. imbalance typically happens slowly over months or years. restoring balance can be much faster but it still take some time. for those who don't experience results in the first two weeks, stick with it for the remainder of the program. 

we encourage everyone to keep a daily journal of their sleep quality, energy levels, mood, productivity, happiness and overall wellbeing. tracking daily results will help you look back each month and review your progress. the goal is to have more good days than bad days each week. this is progress. for some people, the change is more gradual and can be difficult to appreciate the magnitude of change that happens over the course of a month.

double extraction.

we use a unique process that protects the integrity of resilient and fragile compounds in each herb while the first extraction is 42 days of high quality, certified organic cane alcohol. After the herbs are strained, they are extracted a second time for 45 minutes at a low temperature (140deg F) with reverse osmosis water. after the second extraction is cooled to room temp, the two extractions are combined. the purpose of a double extraction is pulling both alcohol and water soluble compounds from each herbal blend into solution. A double extraction improves the strength and efficacy of a tincture if done properly.


additional recommendations. 

anxiety and sleep problems are most often the result of imbalance in multiple systems and are further imbalanced by the consequences of chronic stress and poor sleep (self fueling). it can be a real downward spiral if not addressed and managed. you can improve your success with the R3 routine by taking the following steps. 

- reduce consumption of processed sugar, carbs and dairy and eliminate fast food.
- eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. 
- don't consume caffeine after 3pm. 
- exercise to increase heart rate for 20 mins a day. 
- make sure to get exposure to natural sunlight multiple times a day. 
- reduce your exposure to bright light (especially blue light) after the sun goes down.

you will appreciate the benefits of the R3 routine by itself but incorporating some or all of the suggestions above will accelerate and amplify the results. 

Obvious Disclaimer:
^These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Please consult with a medical professional before consuming this product if you have any medical condition.

If you are pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, please consult with your doctor before consuming this product. Very little, if any, research has been conducted on the safety of drinking herbal tea during pregnancy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Teal Messner (Pennsylvania)

R3 - rest. relaxation. restore.

Jeanita Givelekian (Florida)
Best product for this burned out mama!

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for years between parenting a teenage and a toddler. My body’s response has taken an emotional focus which has been a negative impact on my family. I ordered this with hope to bring me back to a place of balance and health so I can be the best version of me for my family. After taking it for one week I’ve seen a notable difference in my stress response. I’m so glad I came across this product and I can’t wait to see how I feel in a couple more weeks following this routine.

William We Rankin (California)

Thank you very much for the quick shipment. Love the products

Kali (British Columbia)
Improved sleep quality

I've been on this stack for about a week now and I do think it's having a positive impact on me. I started taking it to help me fall asleep at night as I had recently started having racing thoughts when I got into bed. I've been falling asleep quicker and seem to be more rested in the morning so I'm excited to see the results after I finish these bottles!

Vanessa Bowman (West Virginia)

Love them all and definitely works especially the one for sleep