lemon essential oil - organic

  • Lemon Oil - Citrus Limon
  • Certified Organic
  • Cold Press
  • 100% pure (no carriers)
  • Responsibly Sourced From Italy
  • Top note

Common uses:

  • Diluted oil on chest or throat to relieve cough, cold and congestion

  • Well diluted behind ear or under nose to help fight seasonal allergies. You can also apply to bottom of feet

  • Sanitize toothbrush with one drop of oil and swirling in water

  • Diluted in warm water for cleansing gargle for bad breath. Do not swallow.

  • 50% water, 50% vinegar and 10-20 drops oil in spray bottle. Shake well, spray on windows to clean

  • House disinfectant: 3 drops oil in 2oz water, shake, wipe down wooden surfaces. Stronger mixture for kitchen board sanitizer.

  • Minor wounds: 5 drops in 3oz clean warm water, dip sterilized cloth in mixture, gently wipe wound until clean

  • Apply diluted to calluses, corns, and warts twice a day until they disappear

  • Nail fungus: 2-3 drops diluted oil to nail. Have patience, may take a few weeks-months to clear

  • Diffuse in office or study for clearer mind

  • Few drops oil plus 2 tsp baking soda to toilet to clean and sanitize bowl

  • Soak kitchen cloths for 12 hours in bowl of water with 2-3 drops of oil

  • Diffuse during cold and flu season

  • Diluted oil is a terrific grease remover

  • Removes tree sap and label glue residue

  • Diluted oil is a good mosquito repellant

  • 2 drops on tissue or cloth placed inside pillowcase

Blends well with: lavender, rose, neroli, sandalwood, geranium, lemongrass, vetiver, rosemary, marjoram, ylang-ylang, and tea tree.


caution: phototoxic

Customer Reviews

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Julie Honeycutt (South Carolina)

Love the scent and product is great quality! Will buy again!

Aleman Carlina Alcantar (Colorado)

lemon essential oil - organic

Discover Cardmember (Colorado)

lemon essential oil - organic

RaeAnna (Colorado)

Little did I know I would be making my own disinfectant, so this lemon oil was the perfect addition to my recipe. The house smells so lemony fresh and clean with just a few drops. Highly recommend