turkey tail honey. (mushroom)

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mushroom infused honey. 

organic raw manuka honey infused with authentic turkey tail mushroom extract.

+ powerful immune support. 

in the jar:

*raw manuka honey.
*turkey tail mushroom extract 10:1

*certified organic ingredient.


daily use.

+ 1x teaspoon daily. enjoy all at once or split into 2x servings daily. 

symptomatic use.

+ 2-4x teaspoon daily. split into serving spaced throughout the day for best results. minimum two hour spacing. 

+ do not exceed 4x servings / day.


real mushrooms. 

therapeutic mushrooms are becoming very popular. like most natural remedies that become popular in the mainstream, the industry is being flooded with low quality, low therapeutic value mushrooms. the majority mushrooms test very low in beta-glucan and active compounds. when a mushroom tests high in polysaccharide content, but low in beta-glucan content, it's basically an exotic potato. high in starch, low in therapeutic value. 

our mushrooms are grown by the world's top respected mushroom farm. we literally use the best mushrooms in the world. certified organic, always above 25% total beta-glucan content which makes up at least 70% of the polysaccharide content. these are real mushrooms and they pack real benefits. 

mushroom honey + herbal teas. 

mushroom honeys can be enjoyed straight form the spoon and are surprisingly tasty, especially considering the large mushroom content. it really is tasty stuff. eating from the spoon is the quickest and most common way to enjoy mushroom honeys, but if you want to step it up a notch, pair the mushroom honey with one of our signature tea blends. we offer stacks that pair mushroom honey with tea blends that amplify and diversify the health and performance benefits. there's a little more prep work involved with preparing a tea, but the combinations are undoubtedly powerful and enjoyable. 

to enjoy the mushroom honey + herbal tea combinations, brew the tea as directed on each bag (takes 6-8 mins to steep). after steeping and removing herbs, scoop the mushroom honey and stir it in. don't add the honey until after steeping and removing the herbal tea. 



honey stacks.

adaptive cacao - adaptogenic & nootropic blend.

*peruvian raw cacao. 
*coconut milk powder (mct).
*reishi mushroom extract.
*chaga mushroom extract.
*cordyceps mushroom extract.
*lions mane mushroom extract.
*ashwagandha extract.
*agave inulin. prebiotic
*acacia fiber. prebiotic
authentic himalayan salt. 
*monk fruit extract.


immune boost tea - immune strength & resilience.

*elder berry & flower,
*astragalus root - adaptogen
*echanecea root & flower
*olive leaf - oleuropein
*ginger - adaptogen
*marshmallow root


inflammation tea - ayurvedic masterpiece

*turmeric - inflammation
*ginger root -
*cinnamon bark -
inflammation. cardiovascular
*cloves -
*nettle leaf & root -
allergies. histamine response.
*chamomile -
*black pepper -
*rooibos tea -
*marshmallow root -
soothing gut lining 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews


Kathryn Parker (Oklahoma)

This mushroom infused honey was perfect. I’m out already as I put it in green tea daily so will be ordering more when I can afford it.


Love this and the lions main/ reishi honey too! I use it every day for its medicinal properties and yummy flavor too! Than you!

Addison Waggoner (Texas)
Turkey tail honey

It has been lovely!!!! I enjoy the quality of honey you have in your product. Beautiful. The taste is lovely, not too bitter. Just right!!! My grandmother is using it daily as well for her melanoma we just caught! As well as other herbal supports. Bye bye melanoma! Thankyou so much!


I take this with the Lions Mane. I love all of the products that I’ve bought from Roots Apothecary! They’re all very effective.