What are Tinctures?

You can think of an herbal tincture as a super concentrated “instant tea”. When you brew herbs in hot water (tea), beneficial compounds in the plant material are pulled into solution. Extracting these compounds will make them more bio-available for the body to absorb. Herbal tinctures are based on a similar, but much more thorough concept.

What's the Process Look Like?

Whole Body Apothecary tinctures are first extracted for 45 days in certified organic cane alcohol, yielding a very clean & concentrated extraction. Since we don’t heat the first extraction, we don’t run the risk of damaging valuable heat sensitive compounds. After straining the first extraction, the herbs are steeped for 30 minutes using 140F Rocky Mountain Water.The second extraction is cooled & filtered, then blended with the first. The combined extract is filtered twice more in the next 24 hours for an extra smooth final product.

Not only does this process result in a more complete product, but tinctures are more convenient for people on the go. Rather than brewing tea for 8 minutes in hot water, just put two droppers full of tincture in a cup of cool water & voila!

When are Tinctures Used?

Most of these tinctures offer best results when woven into your daily routine. (with the exception of the immune boost tincture which should be used as soon as symptoms of a sickness begin until the symptoms subside.) These tinctures are super strong. Do not consume without diluting. Best if used in cool water. Follow specific instruction on bottle label.

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