protocol and products for athletes.

lowering stress for improved training, learning and flow state.

athletes who understand “flow state” will likely appreciate the importance of stress management during and after training. they understand the importance of being able to clearly process information during training. an athlete’s superpower is having the ability to connect the mind with body so it can synergistically identify small mechanical and strategic adjustments. when the mind-body is in a reactive state during training, it’s more difficult to stay connected and recognize improvement opportunities . mental and physical stress will choke the connection between your thinking upper brain and reactive lower brain (reactive by design), giving more authority to your emotion-ruled limbic system. maintaining a strong connection between the higher and lower brain is necessary for learning, optimal performance, and overall success in any athletics and life itself.

when you have a highly successful session, can you identify why it was successful? can you recall the finer points of your movement and mental state? can you do the same for your failures? if your lower brain is in control, it's difficult to make sense of your training, successes, and failures. emotions get in the way, and reactivity becomes prevalent. maintaining that connection between mind and body with cerebral control is key. whatever you’re training for, whether it’s sprinting, boxing, grappling, swimming or powerlifting - if you have that control, it can be one of the most powerful ways to optimize training & performance.

acute stress can be a healthy motivator, but if you can’t intentionally identify improvement opportunities, learning is seriously limited. informed upper brain training is a part of intentional programming. when it’s time to compete, those programs are triggered reactively (sometimes described as muscle memory). if you can remain calm and composed in training, there is more bandwidth for mental development and connection to the body. if you’re amped up and stressed during training or competition, you’re burning mental and physical energy at a much higher rate. working harder, not smarter. adrenaline is an amazing tool to call on when necessary, but uncontrolled adrenaline & cortisol release will drain your energy significantly faster. cbd and other herbal modulators can help maintain this balance.they keep the mind-body out of the erratic, high-stress state during training and the connection between the lower and upper brain open.

stress, inflammation and recovery.

ongoing stress and inflammation is a large roadblock to recovery. most importantly, elevated stress and inflammation diverts energy from efficient reparative processes that happen in the parasympathetic state. you’ve heardrest is critical to recovery. but rest doesn’t just mean taking it easy. it means putting your mind-body in a biological state of rest-digest-repair. the higher your stress and inflammation, the less resources your mind-body has for recovery. consider it a balancing act.

more stress and inflammation = less adaptation, repairing and growth.

maintained stress and inflammation = balance and ideal environment for strength, resilience & growth.

recommended roots products.

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adaptive cacao.

holistic & complete.

1600mg fruiting body mushroom extract / serving. 1x concentrations.

a blend of 1500mg mushroom extracts (fruiting body) / serving with ashwagandha, trace minerals, prebiotic fiber and raw peruvian cacao. this holistic blend delivers increased ATP production and VO2, increased blood flow to the brain, neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, increased resilience to stress, lower inflammation, improved digestion and more. keep the mind-body firing on all cylinders while mitigating the biggest obstacles in the way of sustained mental and physical progress. take 1x-2x daily for best results.

1260mg cbd sublingual.

simple & effective.


we recommend a good sublingual cbd routine as a foundation for all athletes. before starting a cbd routine, athletes should make sure their regulatory body approves cbd use (just got the green light from USADA president - specifically on our 2520mg sub if that makes any difference).

cbd targets multiple pathways that can help with overall mental/physical performance. by binding to CB2, TRPV1, and 5HT1A receptors, cbd is highly influential over inflammation, stress and mood. a good cbd provides a well-rounded foundation for most routines we recommend. most of our athletes have a consistent routine of 20mg CBD 2x daily (40mg daily) with a higher serving size of 40mg-60mg after intense training sessions.

deep tissue salve.

muscles, joints, & inflammation.

1000mg fruiting body mushroom extract / serving. 1:1 + 8x-10x concentrations.

this is our most popular product with 32% essential oils, 15% arnica and our true full spec cbd. most clients notice improvements in pain, inflammation and mobility within the first 3 applications. apply quickly after heavy training or injury to keep local inflammation down. continue to apply every couple of hours until ideal mobility, pain, soreness and inflammation levels are accomplished. for maintenance, apply to tight & sore areas before stretching / workout to improve local blood flow and address inflammation.