natural deodorant.


2.85 oz of natural underarm greatness

natural deodorant delivering all day odor control with a single application while allowing the skin to restore microbial flora and detoxify. 

A natural deodorant that actually works.

all day odor control for the most active adults. safe for kids. 

  • PH balanced to reduce alkaline irritation (reduces adjustment time and keeps skin in a healthy PH range)
  • All day odor control (no chemical bactericide). impressively powerful odor control without killing your skin's microbial flora. 
  • NO aluminum or toxic ingredients
  • Nutrient dense ingredients to build skin's natural immune system to reduce "stinky" bacteria
  • 100% organic essential oil blend (no "natural fragrance" ingredients)

 Backed by a 100% guarantee with free and simple returns. With over 75,000 units sold, we understand how well it's working for our clients and customers, but we're not crazy to assume everyone will like it. If you don't like our deodorant, not problem, just fill out a return request and we will issue a full refund. 

No Parabens ~ No Propylene Glycol ~ No Aluminum ~ No Harsh Ingredients ~ No Preservatives ~ No Fragrances ~ No Animal Testing

Under the Lid:

*Arrow Root Powder
*FT Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Sodium Bicarbonate (100% pure & aluminum free)
*Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil
*Bees Wax
*FT Extra Virgin Shea Butter
*Essential Oils
Zinc Ricinoleate
Vitamin E
*Certified Organic Ingredient / FT= Certified Fair Trade Ingredient

Everything about the whole body apothecary natural deodorant is awesome

Whole Body Apothecary Natural Deodorant No Toxic ingredients

Deodorant Varieties

in order of popularity


Citrusness Essential Oil Blend: *Lemongrass Oil, *Orange Oil, *Eucalyptus Oil, *Bergamot Oil

This deodorant smell like it sounds. Natural citrus scents rounded out with earthy notes. The notes follow the order of the essential oils above. You really do smell Lemongrass, then Orange, then Eucalyptus and a touch of Bergamot.

Citrusness deodorant is our most popular seller, but the citrus essential oils can be a little much for super sensitive skin. Since we only see 1:1,500 returned, your shouldn't be too worried. ALSO, we offer a 100% guarantee on these products. If you buy a citrusness deodorant and it bothers you, we will send you a replacement or a full refund, no questions asked.


*Lavender Oil

Our natural Lavender Deodorant comes in a very close second for popularity. Since we only craft our products with certified organic authentic essential oils (no fragrances), this deodorant is NOT overly floral and sweet like synthetic lavender fragrances ("old lady lavender perfume"). Instead, this deodorant has deep earthy floral notes that's popular for men as well as women. This is our owner's (jordan) favorite.



Brochacho Essential Oil Blend: *Patchouli Oil, *Eucalyptus Oil, *Orange Oil, *Vetiver Oil, *Cedarwood Oil

Our natural brochacho deodorant is the ultimate "woodsy" scent. Although patchouli is the first essential oil, it does not dominate the formula and is nicely rounded out with notes of cedar and eucalyptus. Vetiver adds a nice deep earthiness that you really can't get in any other essential oil. 


Healthy Microbiome:

Like the gut, your skin has a rich microbiome. The diversity and makeup of your microbial flora plays a major role in overall skin health, influencing the immune system, inflammatory set point, skin resilience, and more. A healthy, balanced microbiome exists symbiotically with the body. Disrupting the microbiome with bactericidal deodorants can have negative consequences.

Think of two petri dishes. One petri dish is filled with a diverse bacterial microbiome that has no negative impacts on the human body. The other perti dish has no bacteria. Now, let's introduce a "harmful" bacteria to both petri dishes. Assuming the environment is controlled in both dishes, the "harmful" bacteria will encounter strong competition in the microbe rich dish and encounter no competition in the empty dish. Due to the lack of competition, the "harmful" bacteria will flourish in the empty petri dish.

This analogy is similar to the one that develops with the use of strong bactericidal deodorants. This is likely the reason you smell so terrible when missing an application of name brand, bactericidal deodorants. Your microbiome is out of wack. Natural physical deodorant (works by physical entrapment of 'stink') does not adversely disrupt the delicate microbial flora.

    PLEASE NOTE: When switching from an antiperspirant or name brand deodorant,  you may experience some "detoxing". It's important to use this product for 7 days before passing judgment. During this time, your body may eliminate any toxic build up from your previous deodorant and the skin may experience a change in chemistry & flora.
    If irritation occurs for more than a couple days, please get in touch and we will take care of you!


    Handmade In Colorado Springs, CO

    Natural Deodorant backed by 100% money back gurantee

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 167 reviews
    R.M. (Wisconsin)
    4 month review

    First time I wore this deodorant I actually sweated like crazy my armpits were like waterfalls! I learned my armpits had to detox (who knew). The first 4 days were the worst but after about a week (maybe a week and a half) the product started to work as I was hoping it would and I now love this deodorant and can confirm it works!

    So far I've tried lavender bergamot which is my favorite so far and has a nice unisex smell (I was worried it would smell too feminine) I also really like Brochacho which is more of a "manly" smell. Honestly it's the best natural deodorant I've found.

    Morgan Mottram

    natural deodorant.

    Susan Rainey (Illinois)
    We LOVE this deodorant!!

    I purchased this for stocking stuffers this past Christmas and my family LOVES them.

    Amber White
    Natural deodorant

    The best natural deodorant I’ve tried. The PH balancing helps with ingrown hair. The scents are amazing.

    Chris Martinez (Colorado)
    Natural deodorant

    Using natural deodorant take some time to work, it took me personally 8 weeks to start seeing the results I wanted. I work in a high stress, high temperature all year long. I am satisfied with the results I see day in and day out. I started with the lavender scent, I did not care for that. I found Citrusness to be a better. I have not tried other scents.