anxiety tincture.

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mood & cognitive control. adrenal balance. calm mental & physical tension.

made for clients who carry higher levels of mental and physical tension as a result of stress / anxiety. we describe this as a white knuckling manifestation of stress / anxiety.

mental consequences of white knuckle anxiety / stress


  • having little patience or a "short wick"
  • constantly feeling like you have to do something right now when you can't find something to do.
  • dramatic / neurotic / compulsive behaviors.
  • racing thoughts when trying to sleep.
  • unproductively or obsessively rehashing the past and worrying about the future.
  • sensory overload / easily overwhelmed.
  • unhealthy procrastination / avoidance of responsibilities.

physical manifestations of white knuckle anxiety / stress 


  • tightness in the chest
  • feeling like you can't take a deep breath
  • a "lump" in your throat
  • tension in the neck and jaw
  • big energy swings.

in the bottle:

*rhodiola rosea - adaptogen. mental & physical endurance.
*ashwagandha - adaptogen. adrenal balance. calm cortisol response.
*valerian root - calm nervous system.
*holy basil - adaptogen. calm nervous system.
*oat straw - calming nervous system, adrenals and liver.
*skullcap - calming nervous system.
*passion flower - calming nervous system.
*lemon balm - calming nervous system. especially in the gut.

*certified organic herb.

other ingredients.

*certified organic cane alcohol (approx. 40%). gluten free.

*certified organic vegetable glycerin

there is no lasting progress in any health, wellness or performance goal without a balanced nervous system. stress management should be at the core of all holistic protocols to avoid maladaptive resource allocation.

to make things happen in life, you're going to experience stress, uncertainty, fear and curveballs. health, wellness and performance is largely defined by our ability to navigate these inevitable obstacles and push forward without accumulating the damages of chronic stress.

stress pushes your mind-body in the sympathetic nervous system to respond to a perceived threat. if the stress response is consistently being triggered, the consequence becomes maladaptive as resources are literally diverted away from the processes that define health, wellness and performance. by design, stress changes the mind-body from a proactive to a reactive state. proactive (parasympathetic) processes like digestion, detoxification, cellular and tissue repair, learning, neurogenesis, etc. are given less resources in order to prioritize reactive (sympathetic) state. this is fight or flight and it's only designed to run for a short period of time in response to a perceived threat. when stress is chronic, your mind-body doesn't return to a proactive state of resource allocation. more energy is used to fuel fight or flight (or freeze) than immune system, building new brain cells, repairing tissues, absorbing and processing nutrition, learning, etc.


roots apothecary herbal tinctures are highly concentrated and still contain approx 40% alcohol. we do not recommend dropping straight into your mouth. while efficacy is slightly higher, it can be a rough experience if you're sensitive to strong flavors and alcohol. for a more mild experience, drop 2mL (60 drops or 2x droppers full) in at least 4oz of water. recommended twice daily. most people will take 1x serving between breakfast & lunch and 1x serving in the afternoon.

for best results, use daily. consistency is key for long term success. consistency helps lower baseline anxiety levels, helping the mind-body stay closer to the parasympathetic state. some clients will only use when they "feel stressed" with good success, but this does not help improve baseline anxiety levels.

other products for stress / anxiety.

ashwagandha is arguably the most well rounded adaptogen, which is why it's found in so many of our formulas. ashwagandha delivers all the balancing properties of the anxiety tincture, but is less calming of the nervous system.

this is for people who don't carry as much tension, but deal with ongoing stress and fatigue. ashwagandha is especially popular for restoring adrenal balance.

the adaptive cacao is an adaptogen powerhouse with a wide range of therapeutic applications including digestion, immune system, mental and physical endurance, stress management and more.

this is our top recommendation for clients who have high stress and drink multiple cups of coffee / day. this is meant to reduce / replace coffee as a crutch for energy and motivation.

the energy and anxiety tincture are both adaptogen based, so the long term goal is similar. both work to build resilience in stress response, calm the nervous system and improve resource allocation. the anxiety tincture is made with more calming adaptogens and supporting herbs while the energy tincture is made with more stimulating adaptogens and supporting herbs.

in short, the energy tincture is made to address mental and physical fatigue that can result from ongoing stress.

authentic low stress extraction.  we use a simple zero heat and a long 45 day extraction process with certified organic cane alcohol and reverse osmosis water for all tinctures. this makes a very potent and thorough extraction compared to heat extractions or those using water alone. our dialed in process carries significantly more plant material (active compounds) in solution than the industry standard.

our goal is serving our client's journey to improved health, wellness and performance. if our product doesn't meet your expectations of quality or therapeutic value, just return it. while we will accept returns for any reason, we ask that you try and judge these products for their functional / therapeutic effects. most people will notice measurable progress within the first two weeks. some products work faster than others, but our concept is built around strengthening baseline health over symptomatic intervention. give these products a good two weeks of consistency before judging. if you stop after the first week because you dont feel better yet, you're leaving a lot of potential on the table.

Stay Sane Out There

The constant hustle, bustle and dumb political arguments can make you want to pull your hair out. The human body is highly sensitive to stress and if you're not coping with it all, your mind and body will suffer the consequences of oxidation, hormonal imbalance and fatigue. While healthy coping mechanisms like exercise, reading, yoga, etc. are essential to a balanced mind-body, nutrition and supplementation can be hugely impactful. Adaptogenic herbs help the body respond less dramatically to anxiety and stress.^

Obvious Disclaimer:
^These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Please consult with a medical professional before consuming this product if you have any medical condition.

If you are pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, please consult with your doctor before consuming this product. Very little, if any, research has been conducted on the safety of drinking herbal tea during pregnancy.

Customer Reviews

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Cole McDaniel

anxiety tincture.

Laylah Bruckner
Excellent herbal tincture that really works!!!!

My wife bought it for me. Best medicinal tincture I've found. It truly works. It helps my anxiety and helps me sleep. I recommend it highly, especially if you are like me, and don't want to try heavy medications.

Awesome - will be buying this constantly.

It took a bit to start working obviously , as these things usually do, but I did notice results within a couple weeks! I tend to be kind of impatient and leap to anger/agitation rather easily. Once I saw results I was much more calm and patient while driving and at work. it gave me just an overall better sense of calm and focus.

Brittany Dare
Lovely tincture

Really helps with my insomnia and lack of sleep with my non-sleeping baby! Thank you for making such a special, soothing, and calming blend!

Very Effective!

I would give this five stars, but I am a person in recovery and would LOVE to see an alcohol free version of this tincture made. It's certainly not enough alcohol to be intoxicating, but I still felt weird ingesting something I could taste alcohol in. That being said, I found the tincture extremely effective! I was quite impressed by how balanced and calm I felt after taking it. Highly recommend!