anxiety tincture.

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mood & cognitive control. adrenal balance. calm mental & physical tension.

made for clients who carry higher levels of mental and physical tension as a result of stress / anxiety.

if you're not sure the information below describes your experience with stress, check out our stress product guide

mental consequences of high-tension anxiety / stress


  • having little patience or a "short wick"
  • constantly feeling like you have to do something right now when you can't find something to do.
  • dramatic / neurotic / compulsive behaviors.
  • racing thoughts when trying to sleep.
  • unproductively or obsessively rehashing the past and worrying about the future.
  • sensory overload / easily overwhelmed.
  • unhealthy procrastination / avoidance of responsibilities.

physical manifestations of high-tension anxiety / stress 


  • tightness in the chest
  • feeling like you can't take a deep breath
  • a "lump" in your throat
  • tension in the neck and jaw
  • big energy swings.

in the bottle:

*rhodiola rosea - adaptogen. mental & physical endurance.
*ashwagandha - adaptogen. adrenal balance. calm cortisol response.
*valerian root - calm nervous system.
*holy basil - adaptogen. calm nervous system.
*oat straw - calming nervous system, adrenals and liver.
*skullcap - calming nervous system.
*passion flower - calming nervous system.
*lemon balm - calming nervous system. especially in the gut.

*certified organic herb.

other ingredients.

*certified organic cane alcohol (approx. 40%). gluten-free.

*certified organic vegetable glycerin

there is no lasting progress in any health, wellness or performance goal without a balanced nervous system. stress management should be at the core of all holistic protocols to avoid maladaptive resource allocation.

to make things happen in life, you're going to experience stress, uncertainty, fear and curveballs. health, wellness and performance are largely defined by our ability to navigate these inevitable obstacles and push forward without accumulating the damages of chronic stress.

stress pushes your mind-body in the sympathetic nervous system to respond to a perceived threat. if the stress response is consistently being triggered, the consequence becomes maladaptive as resources are literally diverted away from the processes that define health, wellness and performance. by design, stress changes the mind-body from a proactive to a reactive state. proactive (parasympathetic) processes like digestion, detoxification, cellular and tissue repair, learning, neurogenesis, etc. are given fewer resources in order to prioritize reactive (sympathetic) state. this is fight or flight and it's only designed to run for a short period of time in response to a perceived threat. when stress is chronic, your mind-body doesn't return to a proactive state of resource allocation. more energy is used to fuel fight or flight (or freeze) than immune system, building new brain cells, repairing tissues, absorbing and processing nutrition, learning, etc.

nervous system relaxation.

when the nervous system relaxes, you’re basically lowering mental and physical RPMs for better use of your energy and processing. you may notice your shoulders relax and your chest opens up for deeper, unrestricted breaths. you may feel relaxation in other areas carrying tension, like your jaw, eyes, hands and / or stomach. with a consistent routine, you may notice improved digestion, improved sleep, improved immune system, improved energy and improved mobility.

additionally, you may notice racing thoughts slow down and become more clear. you may notice your mind spends more time in the present rather than ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. you may notice your vision open up with better awareness of what’s going on around you.
the benefit of a relaxed nervous system is typically noticed within 20 minutes of a serving. if you don't feel the acute effects of nervous system relaxation, be consistent with a daily routine for the entire bottle. we honor an unconditional return policy on all product for a year, regardless if it’s opened or not, so give this product a full chance to deliver results.

adaptation. balancing stress response. HPA-axis

adaptogens reduce time spent in the sympathetic state by preventing overreactions to stress. this is accomplished through calming the HPA axis (the system that coordinates fight or flight or freeze response). you will still deal with stressors on a regular basis, but adaptogens help “buffer” your stress response so pressures of daily life don’t trigger the excessive release of stress hormones.

calming the HPA axis reduces your mind-body's unnecessary stress load, giving you more bandwidth to process more productive challenges.

benefits of a balanced stress response are typically noticed between week 2 and week 3 of a consistent routine.

authentic low-stress extraction.  we use a simple zero heat and a long 45-day extraction process with certified organic cane alcohol and reverse osmosis water for all tinctures. this makes a very potent and thorough extraction compared to heat extractions or those using water alone. our dialed-in process carries significantly more plant material (active compounds) in solution than the industry standard.

anxiety tincture protocol.

the daily routine.

the anxiety tincture should be taken consistently to build cumulative balance or “holistic momentum” toward lowered baseline tension and stress.
most clients find success with 2x-3x full droppers 2x-3x daily. the first serving is typically taken mid-morning and the second is taken shortly after lunch. for people who carry high tension into the evening, a third serving should be taken in the early evening.

we don't recommend taking first thing in the morning. a cortisol increase when you first wake up is important for setting the circadian rhythm. let your mind and body “boot up” first thing and take the anxiety tincture at the end of your morning routine (ideally no earlier than 1 hr after waking up).

taking as needed.

for some clients, the anxiety tincture is more calming than they want on a daily basis. these clients keep anxiety tinctures on hand only for exceptionally high-stress days. if you’re using the anxiety tincture only when you feel manifestations high-tension stress ramping up, take 3x-5x full droppers to calm your mind - body and keep you out of deeper states of tension. nervous system relaxation takes approx 20 min after serving. if high-tension stress isn’t smoothing out after 20 min, take another 2x full droppers. it’s not recommended to exceed 8x droppers in a 12hr period.
if you’re using the anxiety tincture “as needed”, we highly recommend that you implement a daily adaptogen routine to strengthen resilience in your stress pathways. the goal is to reduce the frequency and intensity of high tension stress and you really need consistency to accomplish this. we recommend taking the ashwagandha tincture 2x daily (morning and afternoon) as a daily adaptogen and using the anxiety tincture as needed when you feel high tension stress ramping up.

additional recommendations.

if you’re managing high-tension stress and you also drink coffee / energy drinks, seriously consider replacing high caffeine drinks with something that supports sustainable energy levels without putting additional pressure on your stress response / adrenals. we recommend trying our adaptive cacao and reducing your caffeine intake until your nervous system tension is at a manageable and productive level for a few months. the adaptive cacao can be taken alongside the anxiety tincture. recommended 1x daily in the morning. the adaptive cacao, taken consistently, can serve as your powerful daily adaptogen routine.


roots apothecary herbal tinctures are highly concentrated and still contain approx 40% alcohol. we do not recommend dropping straight into your mouth. while efficacy is slightly higher, it can be a rough experience if you're sensitive to strong flavors and alcohol. for a more mild experience, drop 2mL (60 drops or 2x droppers full) in at least 4oz of water. recommended twice daily. most people will take 1x serving between breakfast & lunch and 1x serving in the afternoon.

for best results, use daily. consistency is key for long term success. consistency helps lower baseline stress and tension, helping the mind-body stay closer to the parasympathetic state. some clients will only use it when they "feel stressed" with good success, but this does not help improve baseline anxiety levels.

anxiety tincture lab testing

020626 anxiety tincture lab testing

batch date: 02/02/2024

expiration: 02/02/2026

lab testing: heavy metals | pesticides | mycotoxins | foreign material

083025 anxiety tincture lab testing

batch date: 08/30/23

expiration: 08/30/25

lab testing: heavy metals | pesticides

072425 anxiety tincture lab testing

batch date: 07/24/23

expiration: 07/24/25

lab testing: heavy metals | pesticides

other products for stress / anxiety.

ashwagandha is arguably the most well-rounded adaptogen, which is why it's found in so many of our formulas. ashwagandha delivers all the balancing properties of the anxiety tincture, but is less calming of the nervous system.

this is for people who don't carry as much tension but deal with ongoing stress and fatigue. ashwagandha is especially popular for restoring adrenal balance.

adaptive cacao is an adaptogen powerhouse with a wide range of therapeutic applications including digestion, immune system, mental and physical endurance, stress management and more.

this is our top recommendation for clients who have high stress and drink multiple cups of coffee / day. this is meant to reduce / replace coffee as a crutch for energy and motivation.

energy and anxiety tincture are both adaptogen based, so the long-term goal is similar. both work to build resilience in stress response, calm the nervous system and improve resource allocation. the anxiety tincture is made with more calming adaptogens and supporting herbs while the energy tincture is made with more stimulating adaptogens and supporting herbs.

in short, the energy tincture is made to address mental and physical fatigue that can result from ongoing stress.

Obvious Disclaimer:
^These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Please consult with a medical professional before consuming this product if you have any medical condition.

If you are pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, please consult with your doctor before consuming this product. Very little, if any, research has been conducted on the safety of drinking herbal tea during pregnancy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 166 reviews

Something I'll continue to take. Thank you!


This tincture is amazing it has minimized the anxiety and panic attacks. I've been using it for a few months and I hardly have any panic attacks and or anxiety attacks it has become a daily regime.

Brittany Martinez (Illinois)

I was a bit skeptical having tried other products from other stores in my area and such. I love how this works so quickly and I don’t feel drowsy so I can take it at work when I start to feel too over whelmed . I don’t take it everyday which is great too because I don’t feel as anxious as I use to before I started this. I am grateful

Ryan (Kansas)

Just what I needed for when life gets heavy, something I’ll keep in my medicine cabinet forever.

Durwin Hoades (Colorado)

feel effects and use in stressfull moments with results