Developing Functional Products

We stay focused on developing products that deliver function above all else. The human body is amazingly resilient when you strengthen the mechanisms by which it heals and protects itself. The flow chart on the next page is a basic visualization of how we progress from initial research to justifying product development. 

Product development flow chart for functional products

Bridging the Gap between Tradition & The Current Understanding of Human Physiology.

Whole Body Apothecary is a research, development and retail brand dedicated to formulating products that strengthen the foundational mechanisms by which the body takes care of itself. When we can explain the function and benefit of traditional remedies with our current understandings of the human physiology, it becomes an area of interest. With so many different schools of thought about optimizing health, it’s difficult for a consumer of information to know what’s what. We believe it’s extremely important to focus on fundamentals of whole body health that mitigate imbalance and disruption first. We follow the rapidly evolving medical research relating to the whole-body methodology and develop organic applications that bridge traditional approaches with modern knowledge.

Our primary areas of interest are

  • inflammatory pathways & inflammation consequences (gut and skin)
  • microbial flora (gut and skin)
  • epidermal lipid barrier (skin)
  • physical activity, meditation and sleep
  • de-compartmentalization of mind & body systems (integrative health)

Socially Responsible & Eco-Friendly from Seed to Sale

Earth is our home that provides all the materials and ingredients we use. We all owe a deep respect to our plant’s resources. We believe it’s the responsibility of all companies to consider the environmental impact of their operation and work tirelessly to reduce their footprint. Whole Body Apothecary adopts an obsessive dedication to responsibly souring our materials and ingredients.

  • 99% of all herbs and oils are certified organic
  • 98% of our ingredients can be harvested multiple times a year (super sustainable)
  • All paper packaging & supplies are made from 100% recycled + biodegradable material.
    • Product packaging
    • All Shipping Boxes & Materials
    • Shopping bags
    • Business cards & brochures
    • Paper towels used in the lab
    • Printer & receipt paper
    • Toilet paper used in bathrooms
  • Our black plastic jars are made from 100% recycled + BPA free materials