Shop with Confidence. 

If you're not happy with a product, we will send you something else or issue a full refund. 

For one, we understand that people seeking a clean skin care and supplement routine might end up with dozens of half used products they don't like and potentially spend thousands of dollars. We don't want to be another unfortunate purchase of yours. If you don't like the product, you don't like it. You shouldn't have to pay for it. 

To request a refund or exchange, please fill out the short form below. Should only take a minute. 

please have the following information ready:

+ what products are you returning?
+ order number OR name and email on order


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Abusers beware!

We offer free and simple returns to people who are honest and making an effort to find a product that works best for them. Unfortunately, we have some bad apples that shamelessly continue to order and return the same stuff over and over. Obviously this model is not sustainable without weeding out the bad apples. We will permanently ban abusers from ordering on our site. This makes things much nicer for the nice customers.