Shop with Confidence. 

If you're not happy with a product, we will send you something else or issue a full refund. 

we are a smaller business that hand makes all product. we developed our function first formulas from scratch and take a lot of pride in our quality control. that being said, our products aren't for everyone. we understand this and want a return policy that allows legitimately interested clients to try roots products with confidence that they can return product that doesn't serve their goals. 

to request a refund, please email with your order number and items you want to return.


 in order to have a good return policy for "in good faith" clients, we have had to set some exceptions to avoid the occasional foul play the best we can. 


#1. we do not offer returns on multiple units of the same product without returning in original condition to our location. for example, if someone purchased 4x adaptive cacao and opens all of them we will only issue a refund on 1x of the opened bags. to receive a full refund on all 4x bags, the remaining 3 bags would need to be returned to our location original condition.

we recommend only purchasing 1x unit of a product that you have not tried before. if you're trying new products, but wanting to stock up during a sale, please just purchase 1x unit. we can offer you an extended promo code to order more at a discount if you like the product. just reach out if this happens.


#2. suspected fraud. if we suspect foul play, we may deny a refund on product. this usually happens on large orders with first time customers. we have had fraudsters purchase large orders under multiple different email addresses and continue to request full refunds on all opened products. because this has happened more than a few times, we will assess return request and may deny returns suspected of foul play.


#3. tracking shows delivered, but you can't find the box.

this happens sometimes. unfortunately, if the tracking shows delivered, shipping services will not do anything when we call them to locate a package or file a claim. if your tracking number shows delivered, but you did not receive your package, please contact your local shipping office to see if they can locate the package. it's also possible that packages are delivered to a neighbors house. this is not super common, but it happens. we do not issue refunds / replacements for first time customers who have this problem. 

we will, however, handle lost packages that can be verified with a tracking number. sometimes shipping services get a little crazy and packages end up lost in transit. if this can be verified with a tracking number, we will work with you to locate the package or replace it.


#4. we do not issue refunds on original shipping costs. we will issue a return label for your product, but we will reduce refunds by the original shipping cost (not to exceed $8). we will cover the cost of the return shipping. 

send an email to if you have any questions about the return policy.