down the rabbit holes.

I started this journey 10+ years ago. my formal education is in engineering at Texas A&M University. throughout my education, i believed science was protected from foolery by some unbreakable law of nature. a code of ethics that couldn't be messed with. i spent my last two years in college researching pharmaceutical patent law. the rampant (and often blatant) corruption and bastardization of science during clinical trials, transferring of information to the FDA and reckless marketing claims blew the lid off my head. it was a whole new world to grapple with.
i recently learned to accept the necessity of pharma, but i spent many years obsessively studying the rotten side of medicine - pharma - regulation - agriculture - chemical industry and their self-serving actions.. through this obsession, i came across the suppression of countless natural options to common illness that was (and still is) backed by legitimate research. if pharma doesn't want it out there, natural options will be stigmatized, twisted, banned and / or bought and shelfed. this has been going on since the early 1930's when John D. Rockefeller bought his seat on the board of the American Medical Association. since then, the narrative that pharmaceuticals are the only option for healing has been relentlessly pushed by the most powerful and influential organizations on the planet. this is not conspiracy. this is history. people only think it's conspiracy now because they believe we're much smarter than those "fools" back in the 1930's or they believe corruption only happens in the other political party (instead of festering in both).
regardless, nature has a lot to offer when it comes to treating and strengthening the entire mind-body. this became clear to me as i crawled out of the rabbit holes of corruption and started focusing entirely on biology and etiology. after several year, my research became action. my name started getting around in small networks of holistic practiotioners in colorado. i was invited to join a gorup of medical doctors who went "rogue" to help clients navigate holistic cancer protocols (for free). we built a network of practitioners, small farms and herbal suppliers that would serve these client's unique journey to a stronger mind and body to fight an impossibly difficult fight. we saw people die and we saw people turn it around. at this time, i was only in my late 20's. i was not mature or experienced enough to manage the intamacy, stress and paranoia of this "rogue work" and only stuck around for about a year. still, this was the best, most intense and motivating experice i have had in this journey.