Our Missions:

1. Bridging The Gap Between Tradition & Our Current Understanding Of The Human Physiology

Whole Body Apothecary is a research, development and retail brand dedicated to formulating products that strengthen the foundational mechanisms by which the body takes care of itself. When we can explain the function and benefit of traditional remedies with our current understandings of the human physiology, it becomes an area of interest. With so many different schools of thought about optimizing health, it’s difficult for a consumer of information to know what’s what. We believe it’s extremely important to focus on fundamentals of whole body health that mitigate imbalance and disruption first. We follow the rapidly evolving medical research relating to the whole-body methodology and develop organic applications that bridge traditional approaches with modern knowledge.

2. To Promote the Informed Consumer
The power to implement a higher standard is held by the consumer. The informed consumer is more powerful you think. Choosing a sustainable and healthy product is a very powerful form of active participation in the preservation of our earth's resources and the improvement of capitalism. We encourage our customers to look at every ingredient in our products and the ones they have at home. Simply reading ingredients and doing a little research can open the consumer's eyes to a whole new paradigm and encourage active participation. Misinformation, disinformation and deception is much more common than you would ever expect.


1. Synthetic Free, Simple & Nutrient Dense
Synthetics are often extremely unnecessary, especially considering the negative impacts many of them have on human health and environment. The majority of synthetics, especially in skincare, serve zero nutritional or healthful value to the body. Knowing this, it's hard to imagine why so many products would be so heavily formulated with them?
Our formulas are incredibly simple, but they provide the body with what it wants without the glitter and nonsense. No need to complicate things. We're all about keeping the bad stuff out and putting the good stuff in. This practice seems so logical, yet very few companies are living by it.
2. Sustainability & Responsibility
Human population is growing and our consumption is increasing on a finite planet. While we're growing, the planet remains the same size (ignore space dust accumulation). If we continue treating our resources as infinite, we will wake up to a very different world some day soon. This is another seemingly simple concept, yet it's assigned very little priority from the majority of the corporate world. We believe the only way to continue growing and prospering is through the responsible use of sustainable resources and methods.
We do not support the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. We consider the impact of our products from seedling to disposal. We only source organic plant ingredients that impose little impact to our planet (beeswax is our only animal product). No toxic run off, no top soil degradation, no deforestation.

3. Vote For a Healthy Humanity & Planet
We believe the most powerful ballot (in our current monetary system) is the dollar bill. We should not (and cannot) expect the government to hold a true interest for our health and environment. Pharmaceutical, insurance and petroleum lobbying reached roughly $512.3 million in 2016 (that's about $1.4 million per day between 3 industries. See stat estimates here). Pharmaceutical and health products topped the charts in 2016 with $245.8 million in lobbying money ($673,458 / day). With that amount of money moving from industry to politician, we cannot trust the system to prioritize the consumer. When you look at our laws and regulations, and follow the money, you find many of them are written for the benefit of Corporatocracy. True change will unlikely come from any career politician.
Change comes from your purchasing power. If you don't like the use of glyphosate in your food production, stop buying Monsanto products and start purchasing organic. Companies are motivated by money. Take their money away and they will make changes. It's simple, but requires a little effort & research. Support businesses who are making a conscious effort to operate responsibly, and those companies will thrive.