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Spencer reviews how awesome gaia body works is

Spencer T. / Owner of Aquatic Green Farms

"No dryness, smells amazing, all around awesome soap"

Monica is all about gaia body works natural soap

Monica Y. / Medical Student

"I live in Chicago, and this stuff does the trick!! It [Loofah SOAPS] exfoliates and leaves my skin hydrated. I recommend this to all my friends who complain about dry Chicago skin"

Jared reviews gaia body works products

Jared J. / Float Spot Tranquility Studio

"The Working Hands soap is AWESOME! I workout with Kettlebells and a pull-up bar, so my palms are basically one big callus. Grapefruit Working Hands smoothed my palms out perfectly. No more snag points or busted calluses"

Kristen loves gaia body works soaps and scrubs

Kristen D. / Professional Fitness Model 

" I have super dry skin and no lotion or prescription ointment has ever worked. After using Gaia Products, my skin is the softest is has been in IDK how long"

Joe reviews gaia body works soaps and scrubs

Joe L. / Fittest LYFE

" Soap bars dry my skin out like crazy. Gaia Body Works was the first bar of soap that actually had my skin feeling great after " 

Wyatt is super cute and he loves gaia body works soaps and scrubs

Wyatt M. / Cute Toddler

"Gerble berrrble glooodoo.... bleeee blep blep blep... hmmmm... ehhhhhh !!! Geerp derp a dee.. brmmmm"