ashwagandha tincture - organic

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ashwagandha extract.

the ultimate adaptogen.

  • cortisol & stress response^
  • mood & energy support^
  • improved mental & physical stamina^
  • adrenal balance^
  • overall health & wellness^

herbs in the bottle.

*ashwagandha root

*certified organic

other ingredients.

certified organic plant glycerin.

certified organic cane alcohol.

*certified organic


don't consume straight from the container. roots apothecary herbal tinctures are highly concentrated and still contain approx 30% alcohol from the extraction process. dilute 2mL (2 droppers full) with at least 4oz of water. recommended to use twice daily with or without food. weave into your daily routine where you're most likely to establish consistency. the benefits of adaptogens like ashwagandha increase with consistent use.

organic ashwagandha root just pulled from the ground. about to be rinsed and prepped for extraction at roots apothecary lab in highland village.

ashwagandha tincture lab testing

020826 ashwagandha tincture lab testing

batch date: 02/08/2024

expiration: 02/08/2026

lab testing: heavy metals | pesticides | mycotoxins | foreign material

071425 ashwagandha tincture lab testing

batch date: 07/24/23

expiration: 07/24/25

lab testing: heavy metals | pesticides

super basic intro to stress.

when you experience an internal or external stressor, the fight or flight response is activated to help take action against a perceived threat. most often, there is no immediate threat when this system is activated, but stress hormone is released anyways. stress response (fight or flight) is a primal system that has not updated or adapted fast enough to keep up with the rapidly changing environment we live in. instead, stress hormone is released to prepare the mind-body for fight or flight, even when you're faced with a non-life threatening situation like an unexpectedly large phone bill.

ashwagandha for calming stress response

stress protective effects of adaptogens. controlling cortisol.
adaptogens reduce cortisol and minimize time spent in the sympathetic state by preventing overreactions to stress. this is accomplished through modulating / calming the HPA axis (the system that coordinates fight or flight). you will still deal with stressors on a regular basis, but adaptogens help “buffer” your stress response so pressures of daily life don’t trigger the release of stress hormones. this helps you stay calm and collected when dealing with adversity or pressure. this also applies to common daily stressors that perpetuate chronic activation of the sympathetic nervous system. calming the HPA axis reduces your mind-body's unnecessary stress load, giving you more bandwidth to process more productive challenges.

the benefits of lowered stress response.

  • - more resources to digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • - more resources to detoxification .
  • - more resources to immune system function.
  • - more resources to growth and repair processes.
  • - circadian rhythm balanced. better sleep quality
  • - adrenals perform more efficiently.
  • - brainwaves shift to a more analytical state. less reactive.
  • - inflammation levels balance.

strengthening cellular resilience. stress inoculation.
with consistent use, adaptogens like ashwagandha act like a workout for your cells that strengthens resistance to oxidative stress, strengthens mitochondrial health and repairs damaged proteins that would otherwise weaken cellular function. this cellular workout, called stress inoculation, stimulates the production of molecular chaperones like HSP70s (70-kDa heat shock proteins) that protect the body from physical consequences of ongoing stress like inflammation, oxidation, and dna damage. this benefit, through stress inoculation, is called the hormetic effect of adaptogens and greatly improves endurance and resilience under stress.

improved resource allocation.
calming the stress response and strengthening cellular resilience improves the function of all other systems in the mind-body. in our experienced opinion, adaptogens are the most impactful category of herbal supplements for strengthening the foundations of holistic health. over deployment of stress response literally diverts resources away from parasympathetic processes that are critical to daily health like digestion, immune system management, tissue growth and repair, neurogenesis, detoxification and more.

handmade in house.

other stress management options.

the energy tincture is made with more stimulating adaptogens and supporting herbs for clients who carry high levels of fatigue and low motivation as a result of ongoing stress. the energy tincture can support adrenal function while improving mental and physical endurance. while not as popular as the adaptive cacao, the energy tincture more focused on stress response and energy through adaptogenic herbs.

ashwagandha in your coffee.

ashwagandha + caffeine

another great way to use our ashwagandha tincture is by adding 2-3 droppers full into your cup of morning coffee! coffee is a source of natural caffeine that gives you energy and stimulation to start the day, but it can also cause overstimulation of your adrenals. this can cause an increase in stress and cortisol adding 2-3 droppers of ashwagandha to your coffee helps smooth out the caffeine experience by lowering cortisol, protecting adrenals and allowing for more clear-minded focus.

obvious disclaimer:
^These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Please consult with a medical professional before consuming this product if you have any medical condition.

<>If you are pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, please consult with your doctor before consuming this product. Very little, if any, research has been conducted on the safety of drinking herbal tea during pregnancy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Lacie Carter (Florida)
I’m so glad I did

It’s been two weeks since starting my tinctures. I am so glad that I took the recommendations from so many of my friends who take ashwaghandha, as well as many other tinctures etc. My only regret is I did not purchase sooner. My anxieties have subsided. I am very pleased with the results so far.

Kelsey Drane (Kentucky)

The Ashwaghanda has done wonders for me. Im sleeping through the night and it helps with overall anxiety/ stress.

Anna Quintana (Wisconsin)

I need Ashwagandha for stress management. I love the quality and customer service of Roots, having knowledge that all of they're products are great quality and sustainably made.

Robin Baker (New York)

I'm really enjoying the ashwagandha as well as the other products I purchased.

Yvonne Lamey (Washington)
Dog stress

Hello, based on the recommendation of a friend who uses this product for her hyperactive dog, I tried it. After a week, it did nothing.