chaga mushroom extract. organic

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chaga. inflammation. oxidative stress. gut health.


in the jar. 

*chaga extract 1:1 (fruiting body)
* certified organic ingredient.

>30% beta-d-glucan
<5% starch


50 grams. 50 servings.
serving size. 1tsp (1,000mg)
1,000mg authentic chaga mushroom extract / serving. 
recommended 1-2x daily. 


chaga, the mushroom of immortality, is one of the most anti-oxidant rich superfoods on the planet, topping the orac scale at approx. 140,000 and contains over 200 phytonutrients. chaga is used in functional medicine to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and mitigate oxidative stress. chaga is shown to strengthen beneficial cytokins while reducing damaging cytokins such as TNF-a (tumor necrosis factor - alpha). this immunomodulating effect improves the body’s ability to fight pathogens while reducing the damaging effects of acute and chronic inflammation. chaga’s high fiber and anti-oxidant properties are especially helpful in improving conditions of the gut.


we do it right.

all roots apothecary mushroom extracts are certified organic and lab tested to verify beta-glucan content and therapeutic compounds. our mushrooms are grown on native substrates and are always extracted from the fruiting body. if you’re wanting the powerful benefits of performance mushrooms, choose organic extracts from the fruiting body to maximize both therapeutic compounds and bio-availibility.

extracts are better.

mushrooms are often dried and ground into a powder. this is cheapest way to produce a supplement, but it provides the least health benefits. essential beta-glucans need to be extracted from the cell walls of a mushroom. these cells are made of an indigestible fiber called chitin. the human body can’t easily absorb chitin, and so the beta-glucans end up passing through rather than being absorbed. extracts break down chitin, making beta-glucans available for absorption.

fruiting body has the good stuff.

fruiting body refers to the actual mushroom cap and stem. myceliated grain is the root system of a mushroom grown on top of a grain substrate resulting in approx. 50% roots, 50% filler, and 0% of real mushroom. mycelium is cheaper and faster to produce than waiting for a full proper mushroom. beta-glucans are found in the fruiting body, not the mycelium.

a boom and bastardization.

mushrooms have been around for a long time. the greeks labels mushrooms as “food for the gods” and hippocrates, circa 450bc, classified mushrooms as a potent anti-inflammatory. there are countless examples of mushrooms being recognized for their medicinal properties throughout history. performance mushrooms are becoming very popular in modern holistic health and western medicine for their and ability to calm the stress response, reduce inflammation, promote neurogenesis and plasticity, strengthen beneficial gut flora, support the immune system, fight pathogens, increase sustainable energy and much more. like most natural remedies that go mainstream, the mushroom industry is flooded with low quality products that testing low in beta-glucan and active compounds. when a mushroom tests high in polysaccharide, but low in beta-glucan content, it's basically an exotic potato. high in starch, low in therapeutic value, and deceptive above all. while the booming popularity of performance mushrooms is bringing mainstream attention to these healing enigmas, the bastardization of quality and authenticity makes it difficult to find a product that packs the therapeutic benefits found in nature. if you’re interested in the benefits of mushrooms, you should know what you’re getting.

Customer Reviews

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Angela B. (Florida)
Chaga Mushroom extract organic

Your Chaga extract has been a lifesaver. Back in August I had a major psoriasis flair. I have pustular psoriasis that is common on the hands and feet ( I only have it on my feet at the moment.) I am a hairdresser and it is like walking on glass. I saw that Chaga is good for the skin so after trying so many topical non- organic and organic products I decided to try something orally to work from the inside out. I am on the last of my 3rd jar. Jar 1&2 I would sometimes forget a day or 2 to take it and it would show in my skin. Now I will never miss a dose. My skin on my feet is so much better and so close to being healed. Tears streaming down my face because you have no idea how much your product has changed my well-being. I am a life long fan of your Chaga product. Thank you for your expertise. Sincerely ever thankful, Angela B. ( Anjy_hair )

S.C. (California)
Love it!

To me, it tastes like mild coffee. I put some honey and oatmilk in it and think it's really good. When I drink it I have more energy and feel more alert. I think it gives me a boost. I don't know how to properly describe it, but I feel generally better overall when I drink it.

Jason Garner (Ohio)

chaga mushroom extract. organic

Sarah Ings (Manitoba)
Arrived quick and packaged beautifully

The order shipped much faster than I had assumed considering the distance. Also everything was pleasantly wrapped. Thank you for the free samples!

Amy Given (Colorado)
It's too grainy

I'm finding it hard to take. I put it in tea but it's very grainy and I don't like the texture.