luffa fiber soap.

for those who like it rough. 

super long lasting

  • a rare and super functional luffa infusion for scrubby awesomeness
  • zero detergents synthetic fragrances or colors
  • not recommended for extra sensitive skin
  • wont leave skin dry skin, itchy or inflamed 
  • colors made from organic plant powders & mineral rich clay
  • dead sea salt & detoxifying bentonite clay

the good stuff.


Saponified Oils
{*Coconut Oil
*Extra Virgin Olive Oil
*FT Extra Virgin Shea Butter
*Extra Virgin Sunflower Oil
*Castor Oil}
*Essential Oil
natural shredded luffa fibers
Bentonite Clay
Kaolin clay
Dead Sea Salt

*Certified Organic Plant Powders or Clay for color (Details Below)
*Certified Organic / FT = Fair Trade Certified

scrub for healthy skin.

Exfoliation is known for stimulating skin health and loofah (Luffa) is one of the most popular tools for exfoliation. Scrubbing removes dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of the skin and pores. Friction from scrubbing also expands capillaries in the skin to stimulate blood flow. This increased blood flow can promote new cell generation and improve overall skin health.

way better luffa soap.

Stop buying novelty luffa soap. 

If you buy handmade luffa soap from anywhere else, you will probably get a soap with a whole luffa chunk shoved through it. i never understood this product. it looks cool, but that's about it. soap with whole luffa chunks don't properly deliver the benefits of exfoliation, they just scratch the skin. even more, you're unlikely to use the entire soap because the luffa chunk protrudes  after the first few lathers. 

We never shove entire loofah (luffa) sections into our cold process soap. Instead, we evenly blend shredded loofah (luffa) throughout. Our soap might not be as pretty, but the functional benefits are far superior. with this method, you get an even exfoliation through the entire life of the soap. 


btw...loofah is not  a sea sponge.

Luffa is not a sea sponge. Rather, this network of xylem fibers comes from a veritable in the cucumber family. 

This is a loofah (luffa) plant

Customer Reviews

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Amber Cotton (Colorado)

luffa fiber soap.

Customer (Texas)
Love the lavender loofa soap!!

I recently got the lavender loofa soap and it has changed my body for the better! Will continue to buy this for as long as it’s around

Petra S Mckown (Texas)
Love it!

Pure goodness - good for the skin and good aromatherapy too! You can’t find a better bar of soap for the shower.

Ali (Colorado)

luffa fiber soap.

Rosalia wala (New York)

luffa fiber soap.