beard oil.

Essential Oil Infusion

Primo Beard Conditioning

- Calm Itchy Skin
- Wrangle The Rouge Beard
- Soften Beard Hair
- Doubles as a high end face moisturizer


In the Bottle:

*EV Argan Oil
*Golden Jojoba Oil
*EV Castor Oil
*EV Hemp Seed Oil
*EV Sunflower Oil
Essential Oil Blend
Vitamin E

*Certified Organic Ingredient / EV = Extra Virgin

Far Superior Beard Oil for a Fraction of the Cost

Beard oils are abundant. You can fund them pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Like most of the skin care industry, there is little consistency or correlation to price and quality and few have any sort of dedication to responsible and sustainable operations. We crafted an incredibly nutrient dense blend of certified organic plant oils that deliver a wide spectrum of moisture, protection, vitamins and minerals. Since our plant oils are unrefined, they retain significantly more nutrition compared to the majority of products that use highly refined cheap oil. Our product is true to our values and development philosophy. Finding a beard oil or face moisturizer that competes with our ingredients would be difficult, especially at a price of $20 for a 2oz (60ml bottle). 

Doubles as a Face Moisturizer

Using our beard oil as a face moisturizer is common and recommended. If you're not using our Face Serum, this is a great alternative for the man who wants a super simple routine. The ingredient list in this beard oil smokes most high end face moisturizers and serums anyways. Healthy skin is cool. 


Dropper tops might look cool, but they can a messy and a real ass pain. Our pump tops make it easy to dispense a consistent amount of beard oil with each application, without ever opening the bottle. No more spillage or clumsy mistakes.

The pump tops also make it much easier to budget your beard oil. Each bottle contains approximately 315 pumps of beard oil. You can guesstimate 2-5 pumps per day (most people will respectable beards are using 4 pumps of oil for their beard and face). If you're using 3 pumps a day, this product will last you about 3.5 months. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Matt (Colorado)

Great products and super helpful staff!

Orville J Wray (Colorado)
Needs more time to see if it’s working

It’s ok so far but, needs more time to see if it’s Actually working.

April Serio (Colorado)
Highly recommend

Love this place and all they offer!!! Prices are great too. My husband loves the beard oil.

Jo (Florida)
Softer Beard

Helps control dry facial skin. Softer more pliable beard hair.

Erika Galicia (New Mexico)
Really helps

My son’s was itchy after shaving, he applied it after and no more itching!!🤗🤗🤗