Our bricks and mortar location in colorado springs, colorado

Our Brick and Mortar

Come visit our brick and mortar (physical location) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Measuring a modest 1,400 SQFT, we don’t waste any space with novelty. All products are simply displayed on live edge shelving and raw surface tables handcrafted from Colorado lumber.

Our crew is trained to help clients find the right product and understand how that product builds on the foundation of whole body health. Our entire team is passionate about improving heath holistically through diet, lifestyle and herbal supplementation. We don’t invite apathetic, lazy or rude people to join this elite team.

We have a strict ZERO PRESSURE SALES ENVIRONMENT. When you walk in, a Whole Body Team Member will greet you and make sure you feel comfortable asking questions. Beyond that, your time in our shop is totally decided by you. We can help as little or as much as you want. Regardless, our shop is welcoming and respectful of your time and space. We will never push for a sale.

In addition to our products, the shop is full of living plants, over 100 books and beautiful rocks and minerals. People often come in just to look at the cathedral Amethyst and Citrine pieces on the checkout counter. While none of our plants, books or crystals are for sale, they help craft the happy atmosphere we’re known for.

You can find over 100 books displayed across our shop, ranging from hydroponics gardening to medical textbooks, to unique cookbooks and plenty in between. So, if you’re not in a hurry, and are on a journey to further your knowledge of healthy living, take some time to flip through a few books and ask some questions. If you find a book worth reading, take a picture of the cover and buy it on amazon.