from Whole Body Apothecary & new mom's everywhere

With a little contribution, you're helping us deliver truly functional skin care and aromatherapy to babys and mothers everywhere. With your help, we are building stronger skin and happy moms. 

Each Mom will receive 

  • A full bar of Lavender soap 
  • A 1oz container of Little Buddy Salve
  • A full lavender aromatherapy roller
  • A month supply of uterus toning tea to help moms body recover

This program introduces moms to products that

  • doesn't kill developing microbial fora of a newborn's skin (an integral part of the developing immune system)
  • doesn't break the lipid barrier (another key player in the developing immune system, also responsible for retaining moisture. Damage to the developing lipid barrier can result in inflammation and dry skin (acute and chronic))
  • delivers true nutrition through certified organic, unrefined (extra virgin) plant oils pack with antioxidants. 

These products are also formulated and packaged with eco-friendly ingredients and materials to help reduce waste. 

This program also gives moms access to free, organic aromatherapy to for much needed relaxation. The first couple months of motherhood can be especially difficult emotionally and physically as the mind and body go through dramatic changes, all while caring for a newborn.