aroma rollers.

$ 10.00

100% Pure, Certified Organic Essential Oils infused into
Extra Virgin Organic Sunflower Oil & Vitamin E.

Enjoy pre-diluted aromatherapy (skin safe) in a convenient 0.35oz roller bottle.

Throw these bad boys in your purse, gym bag or keep it in your pocket.

Aromatherapy rollers make awesome additions to your yoga practice.

Directions: Roll onto your wrist and neck.

Lavender aromatherapy roller for babies.

Yes, the lavender aroma roller is safe for topical use on baby skin, since they're diluted with a carrier oil. However, it's best to test a small amount on a small patch of skin on the leg or arm before applying to a larger area.

In our opinion, the best places to apply lavender aromatherapy is the bottom of the feet and a little on the chest.

CONSIDERATIONS: Do not put lavender essential oil on baby's hands or anywhere that might end up in the eyes or mouth.

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Just right

nice experience was very nice ~ a note thanklng
me for purchase. who does that? going back soon for more.

Cannot do without these rollers!

They are amazing and this time around I was able to gift it as a Christmas gift. I have been told it was what they wished for and more. I'm so grateful πŸ™ for these rollers and use them all the time. Thank you 😊 and I appreciate the surprise gift and a handwritten note card. Happy New Year's 2021 Root Apothecary.


This was Christmas presents so I don’t have a review on the product, but the store itself and the person working was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The store was set up in a clean attractive way. I will go back.

Great aromatherapy rollers! Love them!

Great aromatherapy rollers! Love them!


I enjoyed this roller I love the gaia thieves smell. It is very enlivening and a beautiful fragrance to relax in.